Manchester City Summer Transfer News: Tracking Latest Rumours, Updates

Phil Keidel@@PhilKeidelContributor IIMay 28, 2013

Manchester City Summer Transfer News: Tracking Latest Rumours, Updates

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    The summer transfer window is open, or it's not. This bit from attempting to explain the timing surrounding the summer transfer window is awesome.

    --- LAST UPDATE: 29 MAY 2013 ---

    The key quote reads thusly: "The summer transfer window reopens on 1 July, but clubs may announce signings before then."

    Which, in a roundabout way, explains how erstwhile Borussia Dortmund standout Mario Gotze can be Dortmund's property, but then betrothed to Bayern Munich, and therefore held out of a freaking Champions League final with a phantom injury.

    Some business, this.

    Fortunately for Manchester City, it has no more important matches left to play. Not even fake important ones.

    So back to the wires we go, trying to guess the unguessable as the transfer rumors continue to ebb and surge like Fitzgerald's ceaseless tide.

Gareth Bale

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    Maybe this will never actually happen, but feel free to let yourself imagine it for a minute.

    Imagine Gareth Bale, you know, that Gareth Bale, demanding a double-team all season and letting Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure run unmarked as David Silva eviscerates defenders with geometrically unlikely passes.

    The Mirror, which candidly has let us down before, says that City is in the running to pry Bale loose from Tottenham Hotspur. A couple of phone calls and £80 million should do it.

    It is pretty early in the transfer period. Almost certainly City is going to be tied to a £100 million transfer rumor this summer, maybe sooner than later.

    £80 million is an absurd amount of money. Bale might just be worth it though.

Edinson Cavani

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    Just so you know, all of these Manchester City transfer rumor summaries under my byline are going to have Cavani prominently featured until he signs with City or he signs with someone else.

    You probably gathered that already.

    It is hard to keep the excitement going, though, when Cavani's father is quoted to Ovacion by that if Cavani goes anywhere, it will be Spain.

    The news just keeps getting worse on this front, as The Mirror has Cavani recently quoted thus: “As a child, I dreamed of playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona, but now I am proud to be at Napoli...(o)n my future, I cannot say anything, because I still do not know anything."

    But the Telegraph is still bullish on Cavani to City. Apparently the timing is dependent upon Manuel Pellegrini's arrival at the Etihad.

    Whatever it takes.

Sergio Aguero

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    Conversely, while Edinson Cavani figures to be a significant staple of these Manchester City transfer updates until further notice, this will be Sergio Aguero's last mention of the summer.

    Aguero signed a contract extension that could conceivably keep him in City's sky blue through 2017.

    As stated by, "Aguero follows team-mates David Silva and Yaya Toure in signing a long-term contract at the Etihad Stadium, meaning City have ensured that they will keep three of their leading players until 2017."

    Vigorous co-sign.


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    Manchester City should just get on with it and announce Manuel Pellegrini as City's manager, if only to properly and conclusively court Malaga phenom Isco.

    Per, Isco would like nothing better to than to follow his "football father" Pellegrini onto the old man's new team.

    Hey, Sheikh Mansour, in the immortal words of Judge Smails: "Well...we're waiting."

Radamel Falcao

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    They gamble in Monaco, right? Well, then Manchester City had better double down on their pursuit of Edinson Cavani, because their pursuit of Radamel Falcao just came up snake eyes!


    Anyway, feel free not to look for too many more Falcao tidbits in these Manchester City transfer update pieces, because as the Guardian recently reported, it is looking a lot like Falcao will be playing for Monaco next season.

    The Independent has also chimed in on this story, which is taking quite a long time to resolve itself.

    Hey, wasn't Falcao all but signed at City? What gives?

    Thanks a lot, Mirror.

Vincent Kompany

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    Further proving that it is always easier to sack the manager than the star players, Vincent Kompany seems unlikely to pay for his subpar 2012-13 season with his Manchester City shirt.

    Kompany is saying all the right things on Twitter, per, talking about "unfinished business" and that he's "not going anywhere" and that he "loves playing for City."

    Though for the life of me the last sentence of this report makes absolutely no sense at all.

    "The Belgium international captained them to the Premier League title last season and, having married a City supporter from Manchester, has settled down in England."

    Wait, what? So the fact that he married a City supporter is going to keep him in sky blue? Methinks the only color Mr. and Mrs. Kompany will ever truly be beholden to, at least by American lingo, is green, and not Celtic green.

Kolo Toure

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    My restraint with regard to this player has been so diligent that it is hard to believe it can finally end.

    Hey, did you hear how bad things have become for Liverpool? They just signed a car salesman to play center back.

    Kolo Toure kept that ruse up for two years. That's nothing—he masqueraded as a competent Premier League defender in Manchester for the last four seasons without anyone catching on.

    Hopefully Luis Suarez will take Kolo out for a bite and welcome him to Liverpool.

    All right, that's enough.