John Wall Parties with Diddy, Meek Mill and Lil Wayne in Las Vegas

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2013


John Wall's Washington Wizards don't have much to do until the NBA Summer League starts up, and even at that point Wall will probably still be chilling at home. For the time being, a Las Vegas pool party with a who's who of today's rappers seems to be a good way to fill time.

As part of a Memorial Day weekend celebration, Wall showed up in pictures with Meek Mill, a seemingly healthy Lil Wayne (he was dealing with some seizures in the beginning of the month), and a fellow by the name of Sean John Combs.

Additionally, Christina Milian was there, along with what seemed like a busload of scantily clad women. I suppose it's not a Las Vegas pool party featuring NBA players and rappers if there isn't a hefty supply of ladies.

I'd say that a basketball player hanging out with Meek Mill isn't a huge deal, and Lil Wayne seems to gravitate toward any good basketball team, so he's probably trying to get in with Wall before the Wizards blow up, securing a set of playoff tickets for the future.

However, anytime a guy shows up at the same party as Diddy and ends up taking a picture or two with the rapper, producer, actor and entrepreneur, you know he's made it.

Strangely enough, Wall seemed to be his normal, stoic self in most of the pictures, with more of a frown than anything creeping across his face.

Somebody needs to tell him to buck up. Lil Wayne might seem to be a bit of an annoying little dude, but a free Diddy concert is definitely a plus.

If it's anything like the pool parties I've been to (which I'm sure it was), he's probably just upset that Meek Mill took the last burger, and apparently Weezy grabbed the last bottle of Hennessy (or whatever that huge bottle is) out of the cooler, which he doesn't want to share with anybody else.

Whatever dude, at least you've got a pretty cool beach ball to play with.