Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Why Wayne Rooney Would Not Be a Good Fit

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMay 31, 2013

A number of big-name players have been linked with a move to Arsenal already this summer.

Arsenal's recent history in the transfer market means many of these rumours are unlikely to become a reality.

As tantalizing as some of the names presented may be, one has to wonder whether some of the players would fit in at Arsenal.

One such player linked to the club by the Daily Mail, and who falls into that category, is Wayne Rooney.

Arsenal needs a striker, and Rooney's talent cannot be questioned, but the Englishman would not be a good fit for the club. If you go beyond the fact that Rooney playing in an Arsenal shirt is highly improbable, there are other things to consider.

One of the most obvious things is the finances surrounding such a move.

Rooney would undoubtedly command a large transfer fee and, according to the Daily Mail, a salary close to £200,000 a week. That would make him the highest-paid player in the Arsenal squad.

It's highly unlikely that Arsenal would shell out that type of cash.

The two major positives in adding Rooney to the squad are his championship experience and his wide array of talents.

But is he the player he once was? Rooney is 27 and soon to enter his prime, yet he is seemingly on a downward slide in his career. 

His fitness has been questionable during the last few seasons, and he doesn't look quite like the dominant player he was expected to be.

His versatility, while usually a great asset, is not something that Arsenal would need. He would play primarily as a striker, but may not be the right player for the squad. His ability to pick a pass and score goals from deep are great traits, but that sets him up more as a No. 10 than the type of striker that Arsenal needs.

Despite his quality, it's hard to see Wayne Rooney fitting into Arsenal's play, even if it is just as a true striker.

Rooney isn't exactly mobile, or a great dribbler in tight spaces, nor would he necessarily fit into Arsenal's possession game.

He is so used to Manchester United's quick-paced attack that he may have trouble settling with the Gunners. With his temperament, he is likely to get easily frustrated if Arsenal fail to break down an opponent.

Off the pitch, his history against the Gunners means he wouldn't have a great rapport with the fans, and that's something that would make it tough to do his job.

Rooney, perhaps rightly, would want to be the main man on campus, but that could have negative effects on the squad.

Unlike with United after Robin van Persie's arrival, Rooney won't appreciate playing second fiddle to anyone on the Arsenal squad.

Though he may have kept silent while being shifted all around the pitch by Sir Alex Ferguson, it's unlikely that he'll be okay with similar treatment under Arsene Wenger.

His actions in the past, including this most recent episode reported by, suggest he can act up when things aren't going his way. 

Lastly, if you consider the idea that Rooney's best years are likely behind him, then a move to Arsenal wouldn't provide him with the spark he needs.

The Gunners' inability to win trophies during the last few seasons is not something that would entice a former Manchester United player with plenty of trophies under his belt.

In the end, Arsenal would be paying quite a lot in transfer fees and wages for a player likely to bring them only two things.

While goals and experience are valuable, the possibility of his inability to adjust, as well as the destruction of team harmony, mean a move for Rooney would not benefit Arsenal.


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