WWE's Newest Signee Gives Company Potential for Great Tag Team Division

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 27, 2013

Photo from SamurayDelSol.com
Photo from SamurayDelSol.com

WWE further bolstered its developmental ranks by signing the mesmerizing athlete, Samuray Del Sol, a move that could eventually lead to the company's tag team division being energized and elevated.

Word is out about WWE signing the speedy, agile star from EVOLVE, Dragon Gate USA and Mexico's AAA to a developmental deal. SuperLuchas.net (via WrestlingInc.com) reported that Del Sol to WWE was a done deal. PWMania.com posted a photo gallery of him to help introduce him to fans.

Promotion Resistance Pro tweeted a congratulatory note to Del Sol on his new venture.

The Mexican American athletic sensation joining WWE should inject NXT and eventually the main roster with a dose of high-flying excitement. As talented and impressive as Del Sol is, though, it's hard not to imagine him floundering the same way Sin Cara has.

How many luchador or luchador-like stars not named Rey Mysterio have made it in WWE? It's often a company built on powerhouses, great talkers and pretty faces. Del Sol could easily find himself without enough feuds, air time or matches to develop a connection with the audience.

In the absence of WWE reviving the cruiserweight title, the tag team division is the best way to show off Del Sol's skills as well as those from some of the company's other breathtaking athletes.

Sami Zayn (formerly known as El Generico) is a similarly impressive speedster who recently debuted on NXT TV. In addition to him, WWE also has Adrian Neville and Xavier Woods on its payroll.

With an already overflowing stack of athletes on its roster, just bringing up a guy like Del Sol or Zayn and throwing him into the fray isn't likely to work.

WWE already has guys with similar skills on the roster in Sin Cara, Hunico and Justin Gabriel, all of whom are not a major part of the product right now.

WWE now finds itself with a surplus of high-flyers and should make adjustments to best utilize those talents. If a basketball team is loaded with great three-point shooters, the coach has to change his focus. Even if he is a huge proponent of pounding the ball inside, he has to tweak his offense to accommodate the skills of his team.

That's exactly what WWE must do.

Del Sol, Zayn or Neville could potentially be great singles stars, but how likely is it that all of them make it? It makes more sense to pair a number of these guys up and make the tag division a showcase for these guys' dynamic skills.

Tag matches need less promos and less build up. Just have them all battle in tag tournaments, go after the tag champs and provide stunning speed and showmanship along the way.

Del Sol has already tagged with Zayn in the indies, so there is a natural fit there.

The rest of WWE's growing list of in-ring acrobats would most thrive as a collective, as teams as exciting to watch as Gabriel and Tyson Kidd were before Kidd's injury, as Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston were before Bourne’s suspension.

Should Del Sol stand out during his tag work, WWE can pull him out and let him go at it on his own. The tag division can serve as a proving ground.

Otherwise, the company's plethora of athletes provides it with the potential for the tag team division to be a home for thrill rides and the balls of fire in NXT and the main roster.