Clinton Hollon: Prospect Profile for Toronto Blue Jays' 2nd-Round Pick

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2013

Image courtesy of Woodford County HS
Image courtesy of Woodford County HS

Player: Clinton Hollon

Drafted by: Toronto Blue Jays (No. 47 Overall)

Position: RHP

DOB: 6'1"/195 lbs

Height/Weight: 12/24/1994 (Age: 18)

Bats/Throws: R/R

School: Woodford County HS (Kentucky)

College Commitment: Kentucky



Hollon has one of the best arms of any high school pitcher in this class. His fastball touches the mid-90s, and he will flash a plus slider to back it up. There is enough to dream on with his arm strength and stuff that a team could develop him as a starter to maximize his value. 

However, given his delivery and powerful stuff, Hollon seems like a strong candidate to eventually pitch late in games out of the bullpen. There is plenty of time to see what he can do in the rotation, so a conversion won't happen soon.


Full Scouting Report

Note: Numerical scores are on the conventional 80-point scouting scale, with the current score first and projected score second.


Small frame without much physical projection remaining; doesn't get great plane on fastball but can keep pitch down enough to prevent hitters from elevating it; tremendous arm speed on delivery, though there is a lot of effort in his mechanics; uses upper body to generate velocity, putting strain on arm; could end up as a reliever. 


Fastball: 60/65

Excellent velocity on the heater; touches 95 and could pitch there regularly in the future, especially out of the bullpen; pitch tends to flatten out and can find a lot of barrels; doesn't throw pitch for enough strikes to dominate right now. 


Slider: 45/60

Excellent bite on slider when it is on; generates good velocity on pitch thanks to arm speed; angle allows pitch to move away from the bat very late; has solid feel for pitch that should improve in the future; could be a knockout offering in the future. 


Changeup: 40/50

Still finding feel for changeup; will show some fade at present, but isn't a consistent offering; arm speed is good and creates deception; will slow delivery down at times; good separation from heater; will be an average offering down the line. 


Control: 40/50

Feel for two pitches gives solid control grade already and some projection in the future; will never throw a ton of strikes but will do it enough to succeed; given effort in delivery right now, ball will get away from him; must clean up mechanics to show average control. 


Command: 35/50

Delivery and effort makes him much more of a thrower than pure pitcher at this point; fastball-slider combination is devastating right now due to velocity, but will have to prove he can hit the glove consistently; command could play up in a relief role where he doesn't have to throw as many pitches. 


MLB Player Comparison: Jason Motte


Projection: Dominant late-inning reliever who can close games on a first-division team. 


MLB ETA: 2017


Chances of Signing: 65%

Depending on what you think Hollon's ultimate ceiling is, you can see him as a second- or third-round pick who will develop into a starter, or a fourth- or fifth-round selection if you see his future as a reliever. 

Given that Hollon will show two plus pitches and the potential for an average third one, it is easy to see why you could dream on him. There doesn't appear to be anything really standing in the way of him signing, despite a commitment to Kentucky. He is likely to take his talents to professional baseball.