Antonio Cesaro's Possible WWE Future as a Zeb Colter Guy

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2013

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Antonio Cesaro is a WWE Superstar who seems to have it all.  He is a very talented professional wrestler, doing what he loves to do for a living.  He works for the largest pro wrestling company in the world and receives that worldwide exposure whenever he’s on TV.

For many workers still attempting to find their way in the business, Cesaro is a prime example of a success story; he worked hard to get a shot at the big time and now he’s taking full advantage of it.

But the problem is he’s just not getting enough.  Perhaps what he needs is a little help. Maybe he needs Zeb Colter in his corner.

WWE fans are still buzzing about Paul Heyman’s latest acquisition, Curtis Axel, who was introduced on the May 20 edition of Monday Night Raw.  Speculation had been running rampant for a couple of weeks about the possibility of Heyman scouting for new talent, and Axel was definitely a surprise for many of the fans.

And it perhaps was a bit of a disappointment, because for those who support Cesaro, they were hoping that he would have been the man joining Heyman in the ring.

Indeed, it would have been a very interesting fit and perhaps a very successful one, as Cesaro is a guy who would surely have benefited from the rub that Paul Heyman could have given him.  But maybe Cesaro could align himself with WWE’s other sharp-tongued manager.

Zeb Colter is one of those outspoken heels that usually garners a response every time he speaks. His constant berating of illegal immigrants and his assertion that they do not belong here and are not “real” Americans, is the kind of talk that tends to spark debate and make those listening more than a little uncomfortable.

And that’s why he’s so good.

But it’s not just the substance of Colter’s argument that is unsettling; it is the way in which he delivers it. Colter is very convincing when he speaks.  At virtually no time do you get the feeling that he’s reciting a rehearsed line, or that he’s trying to stick to a list of bullet points that were handed to him before he walked through the curtain.

Colter feels like a real guy; a war veteran who perhaps has good intentions but whose ideology has become very warped over the years, and now he sounds like an ignorant racist. Colter is the real deal and is as good as getting heat as any manager that we have seen in some time.

That being said, the fact is that Zeb Colter is obviously not Paul Heyman.  Heyman is just a master at what he does, and at this point in his career could likely get anyone over in any storyline that WWE gives him to work with.  Paul is the guy that so many Superstars would love to do business with, and I for one would be very surprised if Antonio Cesaro is not on that very long list.

But Colter’s contributions as a manager since being put with Jack Swagger just cannot be denied.

When Swagger returned back in February, many fans did not see all that much of a difference than before he left, and some may have dismissed him before he even got back in the ring on a regular basis.

Of course he was then paired with Zeb Colter, and suddenly Swagger became relevant again. He perhaps became more relevant than he ever has before.

Zeb’s job as a heel manager is to get the crowd whipped up, hating him and Swagger, before the opening bell even rings.  Then all Swagger has to do is go to work in the ring and hold up his end of the deal. By the time that the match is over, Colter is hated and so is Swagger.  

For me, there is no question that Colter has been good for Swagger. Could he also be good for Cesaro?

At first glance, it seems like an odd fit.  After all, Cesaro is a foreign-born athlete, and the Swiss star seems to have nothing in common with the real American angle that Colter and Swagger currently use. But with the right amount of tweaking, it could very well be a great fit.

Colter could present Cesaro as a man who did it the “right way,” who entered the country legally and is now enjoying everything America has to offer.  A man, who honored our country’s traditions and obeyed our laws, would surely be a man who deserved respect and admiration in the eyes of Zeb Colter.

Representing Cesaro would allow Colter the chance to exploit the fact that WWE does not seem to be all that supportive of Antonio’s career.  He could then blame the fans, who chose not to believe in Cesaro and instead chose to cheer for someone like Alberto Del Rio.  

Cesaro would no longer have to worry about getting over on his own.  He would have a mouthpiece that would help him in that task, and he would also have a renewed spotlight to perform under in WWE.

But one question is just how much could Colter truly help Cesaro?  Would Cesaro be elevated to the main-event level and perhaps challenge for the World Championship one day?  Or would his forward progress move him back to the top of the midcard and a shot at the Intercontinental Title?

Would it even help him at all?

Maybe the real issue is just how much WWE creative would be willing to help Cesaro actually gain some ground in the company.  Would they give him a spot with Colter merely to give him something to do, or would be to improve his position?

Would they even be willing to commit to the idea?

Antonio Cesaro is a WWE Superstar who seems to have all the tools necessary to succeed in Vince McMahon’s company.  But he is currently falling short of where he could be, and perhaps the answer lies with using a man like Zeb Colter as his manager in order to get him over.  

It sounds like an interesting concept, but the question of just how much Cesaro would progress with the help and how willing WWE would be to provide that help is up for debate.

Could Antonio Cesaro be a Zeb Colter guy?