WWE: Curtis Axel's Latest Tweet Hints at Potential Friction with CM Punk

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IMay 25, 2013

(WWE.com photo)
(WWE.com photo)

Is the latest “Paul Heyman Guy” starting to get under the skin of the original “Paul Heyman Guy?"

CM Punk and Curtis Axel have launched a Twitter war over, of all things, grammar. And it may be setting the stage for a showdown later this summer.

It all started two days ago. Axel, still basking in the glow of joining the Heyman stable, sent out the following tweet: 

Life is good when your a #PaulHeymanGuy!!! @WWE  @HeymanHustle

Punk, ever the perfectionist, took some issue with Axel’s grammar and decided to tweet a suggestion:

@RealCurtisAxel: Life is good when your a #PaulHeymanGuy!!! @WWE  @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/vvLkBeNAUZ”You're.

That prompted the following response from Axel: 

Love the grammar geeks! Just think, how impressive would it be to correct grammar with one eye after I bust YOUR orbital bone? #nerds

It’s possible that the whole thing is a work, sort of a way to welcome Axel into the fold. But it also could be setting up a storyline for Punk’s eventual return to WWE.

As reported earlier by Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc.com), WWE is kicking around the idea of having the former WWE champion return from his injury hiatus as a babyface and feud with the other original Paul Heyman Guy, Brock Lesnar.

It has been reported that WWE wants Punk to return at next month’s Payback pay-per-view in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. If that happens, the owners of the Allstate Arena would have to buy a new roof to replace the one that will blown off.

If Punk does come back for Payback, I could see Axel trying to make a name for himself by coming out during the expected Punk return speech and try to start something. That prompts Punk and Axel to start mixing it up in the ring, which ultimately leads to Lesnar coming out and beating Punk down.

This begins Punk’s summer of discontent, which will end up with a match at SummerSlam that could feature Punk against Lesnar (likely) or Punk against Axel (not as likely). But if Punk and Lesnar wind up scrapping, do not be surprised to see Axel having a major role in the outcome.

And WWE gets a triple treat—a CM Punk return, a big-name feud for Brock Lesnar and a major push for a guy who had waited so many years for his moment in the sun.

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