Curtis Axel: What Is the Real Meaning Behind His Sudden Push?

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 25, 2013

The jury is still out for me on whether Curtis Axel's re-emergence in the WWE is the right move at the right time. I have my reservations given the fact the WWE has been so quick in the recent past to give up on angles involving Zack Ryder and Bo Dallas and have not worked to give Cody Rhodes the push he deserves. 

Having another up-and-comer thrown immediately into the spotlight and not building his character is a lot like Ryback being thrust into the title spotlight before he was ready.

While I think Joe Hennig's character has loads of talent and plenty of possibility, I already see an overuse of talent—and top-level talent at that (The Miz)—who've been used up quicker than Kim Kardashian's 15 minutes of fame.

Don't get me wrong in my meaning. The Curtis Axel gimmick is great and should be used. I, however, am worried it will be used at the expense of Wade Barrett or Rhodes or even Damien Sandow, just because the WWE changes its mind with angles more so than it changes its opinion of a particular wrestler.

Axel's appearance in the WWE means a few things, one of which is that CM Punk will probably return to the company as a face, seeing the light of his wrongdoing and utterly destroying a character who is one of the best ever created in this company.

It also means characters like Bo Dallas, Zack Ryder, The Miz and Rhodes will never get a true push or will have to wait further down in the pecking order.

The WWE is doing too much at once. While Axel is being pushed by Paul Heyman as his new guy, Daniel Bryan is in the middle of a midlife wrestling crisis and may be overshadowed by the emergence of Axel as the new "villian" of the company.

Now that he has "disposed" of Triple H, with the help of Brock Lesnar, who becomes the choice for Axel's opponent?

I do not see him challenging Dolph Ziggler or John Cena for the WWE or World titles as Randy Orton and The Rock did early on in their careers. Will there be a slow build? The WWE wouldn't have Axel beat Shield member Dean Ambrose or Wade Barrett (unless Barrett turns face), and Alberto Del Rio is caught up in a feud with Jack Swagger and Ziggler. 

Orton could be a fit, but he probably won't be the answer. Chris Jericho, if he could stop dancing around Fandango, would be an awesome matchup, as would The Miz. And there is Kofi Kingston, who needs a heel change more than Zack Ryder needs a personality.

The fact is, having another possible great Superstar in the WWE is something this company needs. But if there is no true plan for him and there is no dance partner to make the gimmick work, then the point of having him join the fray is useless.