Engagement Rumors Hit AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb as Huge Ring Surfaces

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 24, 2013

Photo Credit: Katherine Webb Instagram
Photo Credit: Katherine Webb Instagram

Katherine Webb and A.J. McCarron may be secretly engaged. Then again, the model may just have an affinity for wearing fat rings precisely where they would attract the most interest from fans. 

Busted Coverage may have uncovered what would be the greatest engagement to hit college football. Or, perhaps, just a ring that looks to weigh about ten pounds. 

BC's Joe Kinsey states that he was watching MTV's production featuring Webb and fellow model Chrissy Teigen as they embarked on the Hangout Music Festival. For those looking for whimsical fashion shtick, you can watch the video over at MTV's website

For the task at hand, we direct your attention to the screen capture below. 

As Kinsey notes, that is most definitely a ring, and it is very much on the correct finger to cause a mini-freak out on the Internets. Though it may be nothing more than Webb wearing a ring on that finger to keep the boys away, as if any take the time to notice such things. 

It could also just be where she enjoys wearing her rings, especially if this is the one that she received from her Alabama quarterback boo on Valentine's Day, via Webb's Instagram

We do have to note, just as BC did, Webb has talked about McCarron and her thoughts on a long-term commitment before. Here is what she had to say in January to Ryan Seacrest (via USA Today): 

Yeah, absolutely. It's kind of funny because I've dated in (Los Angeles) and I've kind of like seen how Hollywood works. But when you find yourself with someone that you really can see yourself with, like, you know it. I knew in the first two weeks that we were going to be together for a long time. Love kind of takes over and you start talking about the future. So yeah, it's definitely something that I want. I don't see all of this fame–or whatever it is–kind of affecting how I feel toward AJ.

Well, that's almost sweet enough to put in your coffee. 

This is all pure speculation, stuff that you can expect when Webb goes out in public with a rock the size of Dwayne Johnson. 

When you receive as much attention as the Sports Illustrated model, you are bound to garner some rumors that go along with very specific fashion choices. 

With that, we give Webb and McCarron our congratulations, either for their engagement or ability to wear shiny rings in public. 


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