Jemile Weeks Is the Player on the Oakland A's That Should See More Playing Time

Clarence Baldwin JrAnalyst IMay 24, 2013

Enough days have gone by for Weeks to get his second chance
Enough days have gone by for Weeks to get his second chanceRick Yeatts/Getty Images

It is time for the Oakland A's to call Jemile Weeks up from Triple-A Sacramento. With all due respect to Adam "Lewis Skolnick" Rosales and Eric Sogard, Weeks is a better option at either second base or shortstop along with Jed Lowrie. 

Now, if Sogard was lighting it up at second base after earning the job out of spring training, that would be one thing. But while he hasn't been inept, his .250 average, zero sacrifices and just five RBI is a lot of empty production.

Compounding that lack of production is that Sogard currently does not have one sacrifice. There are many instances when the A's could play for a single run (something that has been a weakness of this team for a long time). A player like Sogard would theoretically fit that bill, but yet he does not. 

As for Rosales, he is a very quality utility player who can spell a starter or step in when an injury arises. But he is not a full-time starter and has not been for a reason. His production has been solid (.262/.342/.415 slash line) and, again, I think the utility position is a great spot for him.

Understand, though, this is not an opinion based on what these players are not doing. This is about what I think Weeks can do. Having adjusted his swing to cut down on pop up and fly balls, the second baseman has gotten back to using his speed—something the A's could use more of in their lineup. 

The most promising thing about Weeks' Triple-A numbers is his .416 on-base percentage. Oakland could use an infusion of speed and daring. Weeks, when he's slashing the ball, does that unlike no other player in their organization currently.

Grant Green would be a viable option too, except he continues to be a liability in the field, as his six errors at first and second base would indicate. Right now, he would be best suited as a right-handed designated hitter, and I don't see a spot for him there currently.

Ultimately, it serves everyone a bit of good to get Weeks back up as Hiroyuki Nakajima continues to adjust to the major league game. The A's can see what a player once regarded as their top prospect can do in terms of making adjustments, while Weeks gets a chance to prove himself after a humbling 2012

Most of all, the A's don't risk losing much in their lineup due to the lack of production from the guys Weeks would be stepping in for. It is not a complete no-lose situation, but it is close. Besides, if Daric Barton could get another chance (and another), why not Jemile Weeks?