WWE Proclamation: 30 Wrestlers That Changed the Course of History

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WWE Proclamation: 30 Wrestlers That Changed the Course of History

You do the best you can every day. It may be on a different level, but it’s still the best you can. After that, you can’t worry about it. You’ve got to let go. After you’ve done the best you can, there is nothing more you can do. - Vince McMahon for Raw Magazine 2001

One moment can make a person into a legend. In the wrestling business, one move can turn a backstage nobody into a household name. For the example of one man, a 30-foot fall created a legacy that will live in fame. 

Wrestling has been running since the 1850s, when it became the one of the main attractions at the circus.

Through the days of the carnies and into today's society, wrestling has changed tenfold. It's almost unidentifiable. If Ali Baba were to watch WWE Raw, it would not be the same show he was accustomed to, all of those years ago. 

Not to say change is a bad thing, because it is a necessary part of life. Change is everywhere and professional wrestling, between each trial and tribulation crossed in its storied history, evolves with the times. 

As we evolve as people, so does everything around us. The human brain attempts to adapt to its surroundings and bring out the best emotion that correlates with the situation. Why am I giving you a lesson about the human brain and basic evolution? 

Because wrestling has changed and evolved with the people who support it. With that change, wrestlers and people have made the sport successful and made an imperative mark on society. 

It's hard to imagine a world without WWE bragging about its newest app or the latest Tout made by WWE Superstar Sheamus. 

The lives of many in the wrestling community have impacted the lives of many fans. For that reason and many more, I'm here today to celebrate my 100th article on Bleacher Report. It has been one of the best experiences of my life and as writer, I'm only as successful as the people who read. 

Throughout this slideshow, I'll be looking back in history to break down the 30 wrestlers who I felt have had a share in changing the history of professional wrestling. Each one I feel impacted the business enough to make this list. 

A great way to begin this article is with the man who helped begin pro wrestling... 

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