WWE Fantasy Booking: Dolph Ziggler as a Babyface World Champ

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMay 24, 2013

Photo Credit: PatLoika, Flickr.com
Photo Credit: PatLoika, Flickr.com

Dolph Ziggler, the current World Heavyweight Champion, is off to a rough start in his second reign.

Title contender Jack Swagger kicked Ziggler in the head three weeks ago on SmackDown. Ziggler suffered a concussion and hasn’t seen ring action since then. He missed Extreme Rules, which originally would have had Ziggler defend the title against Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match.

The WWE has temporarily lost their world heavyweight champion. How should Ziggler return: the same heel or as a babyface champion? Let’s explore the options if by chance the WWE decides to make Ziggler a fan favorite.

For starters, consider the options for the champion. Making Ziggler a face would cause interesting matchups we haven’t seen before, such as feuding with current heels Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett and Ryback.

Swagger remains the obvious choice because he accidentally caused Ziggler’s concussion. It would keep Swagger relevant while making Ziggler a great champion.

Another option, but not recommended, would be splitting up the band. Ziggler’s alliance with AJ and Big E Langston was in full swing before the injury. Separating them wouldn’t do them any good, considering the lack of dominant factions that currently are in the WWE.

Maybe the WWE keeps them together for a war between factions. A feud with The Shield as babyfaces could catapult both sides to greater heights.

The real question lies with another WWE Superstar’s possible heel turn.

Rumors still surface of a possible Randy Orton heel turn. If that’s the case, it would be wise to put these two in a program together. The report in the link states Orton would likely turn heel at SummerSlam. The case should be made to put these two in a promo for the title at Survivor Series.

Both work well together. Their matches have been well documented, with both turning in great performances on free TV and at the 2012 Night of Champions.

Put the title on Orton and make Ziggler chase after the title, searching for revenge. Have that culminate at WrestleMania 30, with Ziggler getting back his title and claiming his WrestleMania moment. The fans will love it.

Maybe it isn’t the right move to turn Ziggler face, but you never know until the road is actually taken. Turning Ziggler face could change the champion’s career for the better. Dolph Ziggler has “it.” If anyone can become a convincing face, it’s Dolph Ziggler.