Halftime Shows Gone Horribly Wrong

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 24, 2013

Halftime Shows Gone Horribly Wrong

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    It's true that most of us don't go to a sporting event to see the pregame or halftime festivities, but for the kids in attendance, it definitely adds a certain element of entertainment.

    And though there have been some killer halftime shows that remain to be talked about as most memorable, not all of them pass the test.

    Personally, we're a sucker for the quick change, but here are some halftime gigs that we'd rather not see anytime we're at a game.

He Didn't Bring the Thunder

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    We'll give the OKC Thunder mascot "Mr. Thunder" props for having the balls to get flung by an enormous rubber band-type object on roller skates, towards a ramp and onwards to the hoop.

    But as the announcer, Jeff Van Gundy, says, the guy has to finish that.

    No one gets a mascot job for bailing on a stunt because they got a little too much air on something, but that's what it looks like happened here.

He's Walking the Line

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    Performing anything on a tightrope is something that is probably pretty difficult.

    So when this guy tries to both unicycle and then walk on one, his efforts should be appreciated.

    But when he does the hard part of cycling first before butchering his backflip attempt—then actually bows to the crowd—his entire routine was ruined.

Knicks Dancer Brings It 'Back'

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    It's not completely uncommon for people to want to be the center of attention.

    Trying to earn that honor means all eyes are on you, and you're generally the person entertaining everyone else, right?

    That seems to work well when at a party or bar, but not when in a circle of trained dancers at half court of a NBA game.

    This poor girl got the attention she probably didn't want, but she shook it off and got right on her feet, hopefully just bruising nothing more than her ego for a second.

Do the Harlem Shake

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    The Harlem Globetrotters have been doing crazy things to entertain fans for decades, but this dance off is one that just weirds everyone out.

    We're legit mad that people paid good money to see some random dude named Ed get on the court and shake his ass as if he was Shakira or something.

    He may have displayed decent moves, but hopefully this is one that the Globetrotters axed for future gigs.

One Blackhawks Fan Really Loves Sarah Kustok

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    This might not have been a halftime per se, but it was included into the game's intermission to help entertain the fans, so it technically counts here.

    While the guy admits that he didn't do a great job at keeping his composure while taking the shot, he does a less-than-perfect job at running that solid mack on the in-game reporter, making it awkward for absolutely everyone watching.

    What is this, a middle school dance?

They're Just the New Kids on the Block

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    As awkward as that Blackhawks fan made it for everyone by confessing his love for the reporter, it's nothing compared to this 1991 Super Bowl halftime performance by New Kids on the Block, who literally creep everyone out by singing to a bunch of children, with lyrics like, "You got to know you drive me wild."

    There are bad halftime shows, and then there's this halftime show.

    We're not doubting some kids are still being scarred by this.

It's the Bubble Boy

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    Everything about this video makes us cringe.

    Between Shaq doing the "Birdman" in studio awkwardly to this old guy standing at mid-court with a giant yellow balloon around his body, it has to be one of the worst known 54 seconds in television history.

    Toss in Charles Barkley's commentary about the poor guy's crazy hair, and it's so bad that it's actually hard not to want to keep watching it for a good laugh.

He's Thrown Down

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    This kid does know that just the basketball is supposed to go through the net, right?

    Unfortunately, he missed the memo, as he sends himself through the nylon after throwing down a nasty two-handed slam.

    Remember kids, running full speed towards a trampoline for a slam isn't the way to do it. All that momentum will shoot you a little higher and further than you might expect, as was the case here.

Boom Boom Wow That Was Awful

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    Needless to say, not too many people enjoyed the futuristic angle the Black Eyed Peas took with their Super Bowl performance in 2011.

    Dressed in both ridiculous outfits and sounding as if they were still in sound check—especially during Fergie's "Sweet Child of Mine" moment—the Peas killed the mood in the building with this show.

    Due to their uplifting beats and lyrics, it's only natural for the BEP to be associated with sporting events, but this is one that should have ruined their rep in the sports world, because it was brutal.

Falling from the Moon

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    Trying to get fancy by breaking out Michael Jackson's patented "Moon Walk," this poor Triple-A mascot finds out it's a lot harder than it might appear.

    While shaking his ass on top of the dugout, he stumbles off the edge and right onto the opposition.

    What makes it even funnier is the red mascot, who is clearly worried, but can only express his concerns while still wearing a large, fuzzy, red suit.

He Took the Air Outta the Building

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    While it's almost impossible enough that we've actually seen an airball dunk attempt in an actual NBA game, this poor guy really outdoes that with his flop during a Hawks halftime show last year.

    A bit challenged in the athleticism category, we'd think he'd at least gotten close to the rim during tryouts, right?

    There's absolutely no way the Hawks entertainment crew thought this was going to end well if he hadn't actually completed one.

    Needless to say, in his big moment, he fell flat on his face.

No Sweet Jazz Music

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    One thing that has been constant throughout all of these halftime shows is that they're a reminder of how things can go wrong at any unknown time.

    Even with all the practice in the world, nothing can ever be perfect.

    But you'd think something elaborate would be more difficult, not one like this where a simple trampoline jump gets messed up, ending with a major collision.

    We hope they have good medics in Salt Lake City.

It's Just a Little Bit Short

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    It's probably safe to say that this guy was never the star sharpshooter on any of his basketball teams growing up.

    Either that, or he was just more accustomed to playing down low and never having to attempt anything more than a layup.

    With all the incredible half-court shots we've seen before, this might be the complete opposite, earning the spot as one of the worst attempts ever.

Bob Costas Loves 3-D

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    Say what you want to about Bob Costas, but the guy really took one for the team when he did this introduction of the Super Bowl 23 halftime show back in 1989.

    In all honesty, does this thing not feel like a sketch comedy act that should really be on Saturday Night Live rather than one of the most-watched programs of the year?

    Either way, imagining millions of people wearing the "special 3-D glasses" at home to see this is a little hilarious.

Anything but Magic

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    Our girlfriend was the "flyer" on the cheer team in high school, so we've heard some stories of people being tossed around and falling flat on their faces.

    But those games are in front of a few hundred people, not a packed house looking forward to seeing something cool.

    Thankfully, this girl didn't do anything bad to her head, neck or back—though she was in the hospital with some injuries—but it's a moment that had everyone in attendance have that pit in their stomach as they watched her fall backwards.

Poof! She Magically Disappears

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    After watching these last two slides, maybe it's time for the Magic to think about their halftime performances?

    It's one thing for one person to try to throw down a sick slam off of a trampoline, but when the ball has to go through three total people in order to complete the stunt, there's something bound to go wrong.

    Unfortunately, the third girl was the one who couldn't deliver.

Where Do They Find These People?

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    There are very few times where we're left completely speechless, but this is one of those instances.

    We mean... just watch the video and decide for yourself if these people are seriously trying to perform or had something out on the people who hired them.

    It will make your drunken karaoke performance last weekend seem like an award winner.

Ozzy Says What?

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    After seeing this clip of legendary rock singer Ozzy Osbourne sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" during a Cubs game back in 2003, it's seriously hard to imagine what one of his concerts would be like.

    Honestly, can anyone understand a single word the dude is trying to say here?

    Not surprisingly, it's typically regarded as the worst performance of the famous tradition that has since been taken out.

Sausage Gate

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    For as long as anyone can remember—OK, since 1991—the Milwaukee Brewers have featured the famous sausage race during the bottom of the sixth at their home games.

    But as the title of the slide indicates, in 2003, visiting Pirates player Randall Simon didn't quite think it was as entertaining as everyone else, taking a swing at the figures, knocking a couple down.

    For his major league hit, Simon actually got suspended.

The Near Drowner

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    This may have happened a few years ago, but it still lands the top spot for being the biggest fail of any halftime show.

    We've listed some bad ones on here that may have made you cringe or you felt embarrasses for, but it takes things to a whole new level when someone nearly drowns in a small box.