Mets: This Is About the Offense...

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Mets: This Is About the Offense...
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Aside from changing a couple faces, the mood of this picture could describe the mood of the 2009 Mets through April, the only difference is, the picture is Sept. of 2007.

I was always told the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. So why do the Mets keep sending out the same group of position players and expecting different results.

I don't believe Mets fans are over reacting or jumping the gun, because they're not responding soley to April of 2009 but to a group of players who have been under preforming in the same manner since Sept. 2007. See, I have a bone of contention and while I'd rather be wrong on this one, because it would mean that the Mets were winning, it does give me some solace during this miserable stretch for my team, that I was right. I was peppered all off-season by other fans who said, fix the pen and were a playoff team, the offense was fine, it scored the second most runs in the National League.

I never felt the offense was fine, and while I agreed the pen was our biggest liability last year, the offense had multiple opportunities to save the pen and failed to bail them out. I've also wondered if the pen wasn't constantly playing in one run games early in the season (2008) maybe they wouldn't have burned out down the stretch....

I wasn't one of the "trade the core" bloggers but I was one that felt the core needed an addition, specifically a veteran leader who was also a clutch hitter. I have felt all along that it was critical for the Mets to sign another offensive player, whether it was Manny, Hudson, Dunn, Ibanez or any of the other names bantered about. It was an absolute mistake to rely on the leadership of this team, that for the second year in a row missed the playoffs by one game and this time it was only by a two run deficit. Instead they tried to sell fans on the idea that fixing the pen would solve all our problems and allowing an out of position rookie to play where they should have signed a veteran leader would be fine...

Well the pen has been fine and a month into the season we're three games below 500. Today's game was a rare day when one of our big reliever's had a bad outing and gave up two runs, a one run deficit with three innings to go shouldn't be that hard to over come. We shouldn't be expecting relievers, even guys like J.J. Putz to be perfect or as good as they are, they may burn out as well.

The Mets can blame their record directly on the offense, the same offense I was told not to worry about, that it would be fine because it scored the second most runs in the NL. To me it does look the same as last year but in all the bad ways; in it's inability to get clutch hits, score add on runs, middle inning runs and generate rallies that produce come from behind wins.

While many will see the two runs allowed by J.J. as the cause of today's loss, I see 14 runners left on base, 1-11 with RISP, no two out RBIs and 13 runners left in scoring position with two outs by eight different batters. J.J.'s outing was unusual but the offenses was consistent with this the entire month, most of last season and Sept. of 2007. The Mets offense had a hot streak the first half of 2007 and directly after Jerry took over, but otherwise this is the same offense that just keeps treading water hoping for 2-1 wins.......

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