Reid Fliehr Arrested for Heroin

Derek PivkoCorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

Having the last name of Flair (or Fliehr), it is only natural to be known as “the dirtiest player in the game”.

However, Richard Reid Fliehr brought the nickname “the dirtiest player in the game” to a whole new level on Sunday when officers found heroin in his vehicle.

The 21-year-old son of the legendary Ric Flair was charged with driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license.

According to a published police report, Officer Murphy of the Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department said Fliehr stopped at a stop sign located on Shadow Lane Drive when he nodded off and hit the gas driving straight ahead into a four-lane road where he went on to a hit a small tree.

It was estimated that Fliehr was driving at 20 miles per hour when the speed limit is 35. The vehicle damage is estimated at $500.

The scene of the accident is only seven minutes away from the Fliehr’s house. The seven-minute drive home would turn out to be a seven deadly sin for Fliehr, whose physical condition was impaired due to drugs and alcohol. Officer Murphy discovered heroin in his Dodge vehicle, which is registered under his father’s name.   

Fliehr would only continue to give his father’s name a bad name (no Bon Jovi joke intended) due to this was his third run in with the law in the last two years and his second run in with the law in two months.  

Back on March 4, Reid was arrested following a traffic stop and was charged with Driving While Impaired.  On June 23, 2007 Reid was charged with two misdemeanor charges: assault with infliction of serious injury and assault and battery.

It looks like Reid Fliehr is a figure four leg-lock away from throwing his life away. Reid is currently featured in The Wrestler Magazine which will be on newsstands until May 26 where wrestling journalist Dan Murphy said, “With just one match under his belt, it’s too early to know if Reid Flair is destined for superstardom, but what he showed in his pro debut makes us think he’s on the right path.”

If the right path means getting arrested three times in the last two years then Dan Murphy is absolutely correct. Apparently Fliehr doesn’t know that what happens outside the ropes isn’t fake.

Reid’s pro wrestling debut on December 6th, 2008 might go down as the most memorable according to the Internet wrestling community.

Reid teamed up with his brother (who looks more like Flubber than a wrestler these days) to face legendary tag team the Nasty Boys with wrestling Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan as the special guest referee.

Can you name any other wrestlers who debuted in the same ring as Hulk Hogan?

Then again, not everybody grew up as Richard Reid Fliehr.

However, the future of Reid Flair remains uncertain after being spoon-fed his entire life, he now faces Superior Court level offenses after having possession of a controlled dangerous substance (heroin).

There is nothing attractive about heroin. You don’t find people shooting up heroin at clubs as it is not a social drug like cocaine. The only people that understand coke heads are coke heads themselves.

They speak a million words a minute while the other user waits for the other person to stop talking so they can speak in a garbled dialogue. Whereas, someone using heroin will experience feeling drowsy for several hours.  

Just because someone is feeling drowsy doesn’t mean that they are using heroin, so if you are at work or school tomorrow and see someone who looks drowsy do not go out and call them a heroin user.

There is no joke about heroin if Reid has a heroin problem, then he needs to seek help before he throws away his 21 years of life away. I’m not sure if Reid has a heroin addiction but if he does, he needs to fix it before it gets worse.

World Wrestling Entertainment Owner Vince McMahon has had a history of sending past employees to rehab.

McMahon should do the Fliehr family a favor and get Reid the help that he needs before he joins the fraternity of deceased wrestlers which lost “Playboy” Buddy Rose today.

Reid is only 21 years old let’s hope that he makes it to 22, which is 302 days away.