Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball Brings Photobombing to Hilariously Masterful Level

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 23, 2013

The Cincinnati Bearcats are brilliant artists who paint each postgame interview with the captivating and alluring masterstroke of photobomb genius. 

USA Today's For the Win spotted some of the best photobomb antics in sports history, and the same college baseball team provides them all. 

Per the report, the Bearcats went a middling 24-32 (6-18 Big East) for the season, but records and standings are for lesser men to worry about. 

Here is a sprinkling of magic originally spotted over at Imgur


The Michael Phelps

For the Win refers to this as the "Backstroke," but we think this level of videobombing really deserves a moniker in keeping with the most prolific Olympic swimmer. By the way, Olympic-record nerds can go ahead and call this the Matt Grevers if you like



At this rate, the Bearcats could have their own rousing game of Marco Polo taking place right behind the interviews. 


Medieval Times

Everyone loves going to Medieval Times. You get to eat with your hands and call people wenches, and jousting competitions unfold right before your very eyes. Well, the same thing seems to happen at Cincy games, minus the wenches. 


Royal Entrance 

Really, the only way to travel. 


Curious Cats

This particular GIF got me thinking: Next season the boys need to get one huge trench coat with two or three players on each other's shoulders. Take this guff to the next logical Scooby-Doo level. 


Prop Comics

These kids are resourceful if nothing else. 

I have to admit that Bearcats baseball was hardly on my radar this season, but that will be a different story come next year. 

These boys are easily my favorite squad. If anyone has video or more information, we would love to see some links in the section below. 

In a rare turn, the actual baseball games were just unnecessary theatrics that got in the way of the main event—these young men have the photobomb game on lockdown. 


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