Detroit Tigers: "They Look Great on Paper"

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IApril 6, 2008

Every season, in every sport, it seems that big offseason moves and buzz will create an expectation for a team that is impossible to live up to. That being said... 0-6?!

Tigers’ fans and sports purists, don't jump to conclusions. I'm not suggesting in any way that this is an omen or a sign of things to come. I can't say my Boston Red Sox are off to a much better start.

It seems to me that Detroit has fallen victim to the "they look great on paper" phenomenon (see New York Yankees, The). Sorry pinstripe fans, it's baseball season and Red Sox Nation would balk if I didn't get at least one jab in.  

Ivan's face in the picture above seems to say exactly what all Tigers fans are thinking to themselves: "S#!%"

Not to worry though, it's a long season and Detroit really does look great on paper.  Although I just jabbed the Yankees, I have to admit when they've fallen victim to this phenomenon it's never stopped them from a late surge to create an exciting September finish. Why is that?

Because they "look great on paper.”

Talent is talent, folks. Sure the Tigers are slumping right now, but it's only a matter of time before the bats start connecting, and the pitches begin to fall into place. Their offense, defense, and pitching is among the best in the game.

Yes, unfortunately for non-Tiger AL fans, the Detroit Tigers will drop this monkey from their back. After many pessimistic reviews and reports that are sure to follow such a slow start, they will most likely pick that monkey up and drop kick it for good measure.

You see, unlike my fantasy baseball team, the Tigers feature one of the best managers in the major leagues. Also, they have team chemistry as an excuse for their poor performance up to this point. My fantasy team is not so lucky to have such a convenient scapegoat.

The bottom line?

The Detroit Tigers will undoubtedly soon come off of the ropes swinging and, in doing so, will create one of the most exciting AL Wild Card races in years. 

My fantasy team will not be so lucky.