Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade's NBA Fashion Decisions Are Shockingly Premeditated

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 22, 2013

Dwyane Wade only looks like he threw on whatever was in his closet. 

Business Insider brings us the latest news on the peculiar fashion choices Wade brings to the NBA playoff podium. 

It seems the wardrobe he dons every night has been picked out long beforehand, making these something of a premeditated fashion crime. Someone alert the proper sartorial authorities. 

The Miami Heat star has a fashion consultant, because no self-respecting NBA player would be without one. Calyann Barnett, the fashion-forward person behind Wade's more audacious attire, was on with ESPN's Mike & Mike .

There, she divulged that the recent polarizing capris worn by the guard were picked out well before the game and also notes Wade's NBA Finals gear is already chosen as well. 

Before the playoffs even started we went through all of his looks, straight through the finals. And every look is set already...and I already know what he will wear for the next game and the Finals.

Business Insider does a great job of reminding us of Wade's most recent wardrobe decisions, which have been a hit with some and a disaster for many. 

The one that really got people talking was this stylish suit that had the unfortunate fate of being paired with capri pants. 

My thoughts: 

Then, there was this black and blue camo jacket, one that I think actually worked rather well. It was sleek and still unique enough to get fans talking. 


Of course, the gutsiest move by Wade this postseason has to be grandma's wallpaper worn as a jacket. 

I think we can all agree the Versace jacket was just a bit too much on the eyes. 

Many will make a great deal of how Wade, who is nursing a nagging knee injury, has his finals gear all laid out and ready for a championship run. 

Don't read too much into it, because as ESPN noted, Wade is not one to take anything for granted. Having his clothes all lined up and ready to go just means one less thing to worry about. 

Still, it's astonishing to think these clothes take that much thought and consideration. I hate to think of the man-hours that go into dressing Russell Westbrook. 


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