Michigan Wolverines Brand New Footballs with 'Made in USA, Not in Ohio'

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 22, 2013

Credit: @deverjr_3
Credit: @deverjr_3

And you thought the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry couldn't get any feistier than it is already.

We already know these two schools hate each other and absolutely refuse to refer to the other by name. Well, there are names that they refer to each other as, but they likely aren't appropriate for family time.

Nonetheless, Michigan has now decided to label its footballs as "Made in the USA, Not in Ohio." Wolverines wide receiver Bo Dever posted the picture on his Instagram for the world to see (h/t Yahoo! Sports).

Oh, shots fired.

As if this rivalry needed any more hatred and reason for these schools to dislike one another, here you are. Any opportunity for one of these schools to poke fun at the other or a chance to remind people that the bad blood is still there, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be put into motion.

But refusing to play with footballs made from Ohio makes you wonder what other lines in the sand Michigan has drawn. ESPN made it clear that a fan of the Buckeyes and a fan of the Wolverines could not go out on a date and that it could actually put one's life in danger if the possibility ever took place.

Does Michigan also refuse to eat at a restaurant in Ohio? What if a Wolverine ran out of gas in Ohio? Does he walk his way home or dig up the courage to actually put his hard-earned money into a state he can't stand? Better yet, has a Wolverine ever entered enemy territory?

These are questions we all need answers to. Where does the hilariousness stop?

It certainly doesn't come to an end on the gridiron.