Michelle Beadle on Erin Andrews Feud: 'A Catfight, but It Really Isn't'

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Skip to the 9:45 mark for the remarks on Erin Andrews.

So, is it a catfight or not? 

One of the parties involved isn't exactly sure what to call it, but something is brewing between Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews—and it’s not sisterly love.

Beadle made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, and the NBC Sports Network host spoke about the simmering non-feud with her former ESPN coworker.

The weird situation unfurled when Patrick began asking Beadle about the possibility of her interviewing the Fox Sports personality as part of her job in the media, a notion that didn’t sit well with the former co-host of ESPN’s SportsNation.

“I could,” Beadle said. “But I don’t know why I’d want to.”

Patrick asked her if she would have talked to her about her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, which Beadle was even less enthused about.

“I try not to do those shows. Sure, if they made me. It would definitely be must-see TV, I’m sure.” 

Not one to let an interviewee off easy, Patrick dug a bit deeper, asking Beadle how this whole beef started. That’s when Beadle bust out the Sergio Garcia-Tiger Woods comparison, saying the origins of her strained relationship with Andrews are murky, but she doesn’t care to think about them.

“You know what? I honestly believe it goes back to a misunderstanding, and that’s what everything grew out of," she said. "But in the course of that misunderstanding having been done, bad stuff has happened...now it’s just a nothing. It’s like Tiger and Serg. We don’t all have to like each other.”

True to her comparison with the ongoing feud in the world of golf, Beadle told Patrick she wouldn’t say hello to Andrews if she ran into her again. 

“I’m not that great at that,” Beadle said. “Probably not. We’ve been in an elevator before and it was awkward...I’m not good at fake.”

Beadle also chose to demur when Patrick suggested that her and Andrews should try to get along.

"I have a ton of great girlfriends in this business. There's one that we don't get along [with] and it turns into a catfight, but it really isn't."

Indeed, Beadle is keeping it real and you have to respect her for that. She definitely showed restraint while talking about someone she didn’t like in front of the media.

Take notes, Sergio.


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