Brock Lesnar: WWE Needs to Book Him Against More Superstars

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IMay 21, 2013

(WWE photo)
(WWE photo)

When is Brock Lesnar going to start proving that the two-year contract he signed earlier this year is not amounting to anything more than a license to steal cash?

I know, I know. He’s 36 years old and is showing signs of what living life at full throttle can do to a body. He really has nothing left to prove.

Since returning to WWE in 2012, the man Paul Heyman calls “The Beast” has been in a grand total of four matches—three of them against the same opponent. And that same opponent, Triple H, is in the same boat as Lesnar—a long-time, battle-tested veteran whose body could be starting to betray him.

The fourth match was a loss to John Cena at the 2012 Extreme Rules pay-per-view that saw quite an intense buildup.

The night after WrestleMania 28, Lesnar burst back onto the scene in a big way by dropping Cena with his F5 finisher. In the month before their Extreme Rules match, Lesnar and Cena had some encounters that left Cena bloodied.

Yes, Lesnar is a tough individual whose ferocity has been tested and proven over the years. And the two-year contract that will bind him to WWE through WrestleMania 31 must be one heck of a sweetheart deal to let him pick when, where and against whom he will wrestle.

In fact, the only other WWE folks Lesnar has come in close contact with are Vince McMahon, Josh Matthews and 3MB. And the McMahon encounter served a dual purpose in justifying McMahon’s hip surgery and sparking the WrestleMania 29 match against Triple H.

But Josh Matthews and 3MB? Really? No offense, but have you seen them?

Lesnar’s grandmother probably could have handled them with little effort.

The story is not unique to Lesnar. I said the same thing when The Rock came back to WWE. During his time there, he also faced basically two opponents in Cena and CM Punk.

But unlike Lesnar, Rock had other entertainment opportunities. He had Hollywood, and everyone knew WWE was basically a respite between films.

Lesnar did not have such a fallback. The only thing he knew—make that, knows—is fighting.

Fighting is in his blood. That’s why he has been so successful.

Now, it’s time for Lesnar to do a little more than just work to the WWE contract. It’s time for WWE to make him face someone else besides Triple H or John Cena. If he is still as beastly as Paul Heyman claims he is, then Lesnar should have no trouble accepting any challenge.

There are many other top Superstars in WWE who would welcome the opportunity to show their mettle against him.

Who out there would not love to see Lesnar face Randy Orton? Now that would be an intense match.

Sheamus? If you look beyond the goofiness, you will see that he is one of the toughest young stars in WWE. His recent programs with The Big Show and Mark Henry proved that Sheamus does his best ring work when his opponent is bigger, stronger and meaner than him.

A Sheamus-Lesnar program could be quite the contest.

Let’s look on the other side of the coin.

What about a Lesnar program with Mark Henry, The Big Show or Wade Barrett? Of those three, I would enjoy seeing Lesnar face off with Barrett the most.

Barrett’s Bull Hammer elbow would face its stiffest challenge yet against that big, hard head of Lesnar’s. And the tough Brit has more speed than either Henry or Big Show, so it would not look like Lesnar is fighting against a glacier.

Why am I suggesting Barrett? Based on what I saw on Raw Monday night when Fandango argued with and then ignored Barrett in their tag-team match, I have an inkling that a Barrett face turn may not be far away.

Of course I am purposely waiting until the end to mention one particular wrestler’s name as a potential Lesnar opponent. That would be the ultimate feud for Lesnar—one that could double or triple the intensity of any of the previous Lesnar matches.

CM Punk.

How about a Paul Heyman guy against a Paul Heyman guy? Punk may not match up size-wise against Lesnar, but he does match him pound-for-pound in terms of toughness and intensity. He also would more than hold his own in terms of talking against Paul Heyman.

A Punk vs. Lesnar match would blow the roof off any arena in which it would be.

And we could finally get rid of the perception that Brock Lesnar is stealing his money instead of earning it.


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