Man Destroys World Record for Consecutive Backflips on a Pogo Stick

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 21, 2013

What’s the world record for consecutive backflips on a pogo stick?

That’s a strange question, but the answer is now 15.

A video recently surfaced of a young man going to town on a pogo stick, flipping backward over and over again. The footage feels more like the beginning of a GoPro commercial, but just when you’re expecting the soul-devouring womp-bass of dubstep to kick in, you see it’s (allegedly) a world record-breaking performance (via Deadspin).

Fifteen was the number of backflips performed by “Dmitry” in this video, which breaks the prior world record of 11 (held by Fred Grzybowski) by a healthy four-flip margin.

What do we know about Dmitry at this point? Not much, besides the fact that he’s known to us simply as a one-name genius (like Seal) and that this feat was cake for him.

After pulling off a stunt that makes you lightheaded just watching it, Dmitry throws down the stick like an emcee dropping the mic. His helmet comes flying off. Holler at your boy.

While we’re talking pogo (and who doesn’t enjoy talking pogo?), let’s take a look at some other pogo records—the “highest forward flip pogo-stick jump” and the “most pogo-stick jumps in one minute.” 

That’s some intense sticking for a recreational toy—oh wait, these are high-performance pogo sticks. 

Photo courtesy of Flybar

Yes, we live in a world where you can get big air off a device once reserved for children with pigtails, and I can definitely get behind that.


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