WWE Payback: What to Expect from Possible John Cena vs. Ryback Ambulance Match

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 21, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Should John Cena and Ryback face off at WWE Payback in an ambulance match, fans will see the feud intensify and the action mimic the past.

On Monday's WWE Raw, Ryback climbed atop an ambulance and issued a challenge to the WWE champ. He demanded that they follow their Last Man Standing match with one centered around an ambulance.

After smashing on each other at Extreme Rules with convincing intensity, their ambulance match should see things escalate.

Ryback told the crowd Monday that it would be Cena who would end up in the back of the ambulance June 16. He also promised to take him and the fans to the morgue. Don't bet on that happening.

The rules of the match are simple. There are no disqualifications, no count-outs, no pins or submissions. An ambulance will be waiting at the entrance ramp and the winner will be the man who can put his opponent inside that vehicle and close the doors.

That should lead to another grueling brawl between champion and challenger. Expect steel chairs and ring steps to play a major part in the battle. Fists will outnumber headlocks and aggression will be the foundation of the action.

As much as a potential ambulance match at Payback will look like Cena and Ryback's Extreme Rules clash, it will have even more parallels to Kane vs. Cena at Elimination Chamber 2012.

Kane and Cena's match had a slow, grinding pace to it, and Cena vs. Ryback should be the same in that department. Neither Cena nor Ryback are known for their speed and the stipulation tilts the match in the direction of being more of a brutal slugfest than a wrestling match.

Much of Kane and Cena's offense at Elimination Chamber was made up of punches, fighting on the outside of the ring and dragging each other around the ring. The ambulance itself became a weapon several times over. Cena slammed Kane into the vehicle and eventually gave him an Attitude Adjustment off its roof.

Don't expect Cena and Ryback to repeat that exact spot, but there should be plenty of ambulance-centric attacks. It's what makes this match different from their last battle or any other gimmick match, so it will likely be the central figure of the narrative.

In 2012, Kane used a wheelchair as a weapon on Cena, tying that night's action to when Kane shoved Zack Ryder off the entrance ramp in a wheelchair days before the fight. The wheelchair could be replaced at Payback with a stretcher. It was how Cena exited their last match as medical personnel tried to slide him into an ambulance.

Ryback will want to hurt and embarrass Cena and forcing him into the ambulance on a stretcher or, better yet, beating him senseless with it would accomplish that.

As for the outcome, don't bet on Ryback coming away with the title.

This is the second consecutive time he has chosen a kind of match that Cena has already proven himself to be capable of winning. After beating Batista and Umaga in Last Man Standing bouts, Ryback thought he could do what those men couldn't. Now he is asking to face Cena in a match that the WWE titleholder won against Kane.

Losing to Cena in an ambulance match is much more of a feud-capper than a standard match, so Payback may just be Ryback's last shot at Cena's title.

Fans will see violence, a departure from the rules, two powerhouses trying to incapacitate each other and, most likely, Ryback getting shoved into an ambulance and leaving the arena to the sound of sirens blasting.