Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Rips Carmelo Anthony's NY Knicks Teammates

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2013

Carmelo Anthony isn't to blame for the New York Knicks' postseason failures. Everyone else is.

Or so says Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim.

'Melo's former mentor wasn't happy with the way New York's playoff run ended. More specifically, he was irate at the general populous for putting the onus on Anthony when really, it wasn't his fault.

“Not on that team," Boeheim responded when asked if 'Melo could lead the Knicks to a title via Marc Berman of the New York Post. "He did what he can do. He played very well the final game."

To Boeheim's credit, Anthony had an outstanding Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers. He went for 39 points on 15-of-29 shooting and single-handedly kept the Knicks within striking distance for most of the game.

It was his three crucial fourth-quarter turnovers that we were left harping on, though, two of which came off errant pass attempts to Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin. Those apparently weren't 'Melo's fault, though.

"[Tyson] was wide open,’’ Boeheim ranted. “He should have been looking for the ball right here. Kenyon Martin should have been looking for the ball. They both went like this [Boeheim dodged again]. Carmelo gets turnovers and the announcers aren’t smart enough to even think, ‘Well, the guy should try to catch the ball.'"

Boeheim wasn't done reprimanding Chandler.

“Tyson Chandler claims he never gets the ball,’’ he added. "He doesn’t try to get the ball. He had two points and Hibbert had [21].’’

It wasn't just New York's big men Boeheim was disgusted with either. Raymond Felton also incurred some of his verbal wrath. 

“What was the difference in the series?,’’ he said. “Raymond Felton was 0-for-7. Lance Stephenson had [25] points."

Boeheim then said that Felton and J.R. Smith "weren’t great players where they were and now they’re asking them to be second and third options." He also ripped Pablo Prigioni a new one for not shooting enough, while reinforcing his previous notion that the Knicks have no chance to win anything.

Most of what Boeheim raves about is built upon a foundation of truth. 'Melo did do all he could and most of his teammates didn't do enough. Anthony is also being held accountable for more of what went wrong than he deserves to be.

But that's just New York. Superstars are blamed for a team's transgressions. That's how it works. And Boeheim would do well to remember 'Melo struggled for most of the series, too. He'd do even better to remember Prigioni is off limits, because he's a full-court pressing god.

Everyone in the Knicks' locker room must answer for the letdown against Indiana, 'Melo included. The entire team needed to play better against the Pacers. They didn't, and so they lost.

"I told him when he went to New York, ‘They’re going to blame it on you,'" Boeheim admitted.

Fear not though, Carmelo. All of New York may hold you responsible for what goes wrong, but your pal Boeheim never will.