25 Years From Now: Me and Cricket

Dann KhanAnalyst IApril 29, 2009

25 years from now, I will most probably be a filmmaker (that's what I want to be). Maybe if not that then a lawyer or a journalist.

I would be leading a comfortable life. 

But most importantly, I will not be on this site. I hope it doesn't ever happen, but looking at the way people have to work to survive I will have to choose my job over this great site.

So I will not be able to say hello to cricket the way I do these days.

And that's why I am going to write what I think I would be saying 25 years from now.

"IPL season 27 just ended and finally Bangalore Challenger won. I read it in today's paper. Didn't see it though.

I have been busy these days. Work never makes excuses and keeps coming to me in a very punctual manner all the time. So I basically sit on my desk and work or go and attend meetings or shoot different parts of the the world and edit scenes for my documentary films. 

I love my job. I like doing all this. But I hate it too. The fact that I haven't had a holiday in five or six years. I am burnt out.

This is something I was always told by my parents. When you grow up you do not get many holidays. I never believed it, but today I am living it.

But what makes it worse, is the madness I inherited from my mother. It's the madness of cricket.

Today I wonder how I managed to watch so many games of cricket plus followed another hundred on the internet. I must have acctually been mad.

Though, today I think it's madness and would most definitely find this exercise of knowing all scores boring, I don't mind going back to my old days and live that life.

Today, all I have is a newspaper which talks about a certain Singh and a certain Raj and some Aussie John and some Protea King as the top players of the world.

All I have is the fact that I no longer care for the fact that India won the world cup twice in a decade and are the current world champions. 

Test cricket still lasts. But I no longer have the time to watch it.

I remember how many times I hated it when my father had to leave for work and couldn't watch the match. I cursed him and today I curse myself.

And...Oh yeah, there was this site Bleacher Report.com. The site which gave me an identity and some confidence. The site where I honed my skill and my knowledge. I really miss it. I miss the fact that I am not in the top five writers of the cricket domain. I miss the fact that I haven't written for 10 years.

The site is booming though. I am glad that the cricket section has become one of the main domains in it.

Cricket my old pal, I am so sorry I no longer have those long discussions with you and about you. But don't ever think I have forgotten you. I still live for you. With the hope that the day I have no work I will sit down and watch a match.

I always felt a bonding between us. A bond to strong to be broken by the arrows of work and the axes of daily life struggle.

I no longer remember the the stats I did, I only remember the deadlines I have meet in my daily life. But I remember what madness meant. I remember my vow to to do something that makes your immortality be useful to each and every human being and not people of a few countries.

I might never meet you again but I will still do my best.

And to all those people listening to me, I would like to say thanks. I remember each and every one of your comments. Your POTDs and most importantly you.

And before I finish this speech that I am making, I would like to end by saying...

Uh oh, sorry time to leave for office. Will tell you sometime later."

I do hope though that I never say this in the future.

Thanks for being patient enough to listen to me.


Special thanks to Rohini Iyer or Roh. Thanks for making this 50 article journey so wonderful one. You helped me improve.