The Patriots' Secret Weapon for 2009

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The Patriots' Secret Weapon for 2009
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 Patriot Pat says...

Finding inspiration from fellow Bleacher Creature Steve Frith, we have come upon the Patriots' 2009 secret weapon.

Steve commented that he would like to see the Patriots line up in a spread offense. Starting with a flea flicker, with Tom Brady passing to Julian Edelman lined up at wide receiver, Edelman would fake a run, then bomb it to Randy Moss for a touchdown.

The next possession they can do the same thing, but Brady goes to Wes Welker instead! He said he would wet himself from laughing so hard.

On a serious note, line Welker up on one side, and Edelman on the other.

Use either one of them for a quick out to gain five yards for an easy touchdown, or line them both up as slot receivers. Have Moss and Joey Galloway in the wideout positions and watch the defense go crazy trying to cover the middle.

Screw it, line them all up on one side and watch the defense burn a time out so they can figure out how to defend against the onslaught of wideouts.

How about a Welker-to-Edelman reverse, or a Welker-to-Edelman fake reverse, following with a Brady bomb to Moss, or Galloway...whoever didn't get double coverage.

Wildcat...please, say hello to the Wildevilpanther.

Andrew Cahill is a true Boston sports fan. Check out his website, Patriot Pat's Patsies.

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