Basketball and Trampoline Jumping Meet for One Amazing Trick Shot

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Someone get this guy a bounce house. 

With all due respect to SlamballBroBible spotted a video that officially proves trampolines and basketball go together. 

Of course, most trick-shot videos feature a myriad of shots from different locales. But this is a rare video that needs only one shot shown from various vantage points. 

Needless to say, when you spin in the air and launch a ball from your legs, you have our attention. 

We have to rely on the YouTube description for most of the information regarding this video: 

World's best trampoline trickshot from 63 feet on a 10 feet hoop filmed from 3 different angles for authenticity. It took a long time but it was worth it so please enjoy.

It is mentioned the shot took a great deal of time, so I assume our acrobatic marvel here was near exhaustion when he took this shot. 

Sadly, there is no mention as to what that sound is at the start of the video. It sounds like someone invited Chewbacca to come take a gander at this young man going H.A.M. on a trampoline. 

If anyone has more information and details on the best shot from distance we have seen this week, by all means, comment below. 

I have no idea what this gentleman can do to trump this particular trick, but we wait patiently at the ready for whatever he might have in store. How about some more flips and, what the heck, get Chewie involved if he is indeed off screen enjoying the festivities. 

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