WWE Tag Team Championship: 6 Challenges for The Shield

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WWE Tag Team Championship: 6 Challenges for The Shield

At Extreme Rules, The Shield doused the house of fire that was Team Hell No to end the Dysfunctional Duo's reign at 245 days. With the WWE Tag Team title around the waists of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, one has to expect you won't find a team like 3MB taking the title anytime soon, and while it's far too early to talk about who could take the belts away from The Spear of Justice and Special Ops Seth, it's undoubtedly something WWE will have to contend with somewhere down the line and will likely be a hot topic in weeks to come.

With that in mind, and my interest in the WWE Tag Team division, I've taken the time to think about potential teams that could take the title from The Shield. With that said, none of these teams even have to take the title from The Shield. Though they all would be capable, I think having them just face The Shield and feud with it could be entertaining.

It's doubtful that any team currently together could beat The Shield. Despite the fact that it will be the entire group working together as it would formerly, one has to believe that Roman and Seth will be a tall order for any Superstars who want to stand and face The Shield.

While it's not completely out of the question, it's more likely a team in the fashion that Hell No was put together will be the ones to dethrone The Shield, and with that in mind, that brings us to our first team.

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