Manchester City Summer Transfer News: Tracking Latest Rumours, Updates

Phil Keidel@@PhilKeidelContributor IIMay 20, 2013

Manchester City Summer Transfer News: Tracking Latest Rumours, Updates

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    The party just ended for Manchester City Football Club.

    ----LAST UPDATE 24 MAY 2013----

    As with all parties, whether they are successful or not, cleaning up afterward is invariably unpleasant.

    In City's case, tidying up this summer is going to be tedious and occasionally a bit discouraging.

    Who threw up in the flower bed? Who chucked the keg into the swimming pool? Why is the iPod playing Abba Gold on a loop?

    Ironically, City's best hope to fix this mess will come where it all came unglued last summer: the transfer window.

    City opted for complementary pieces and glue guys last summer. The club believed that the stars in place (Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Vincent Kompany, Joe Hart, et al.) needed only peripheral help.

    How wrong they were.

    So this summer, with a new manager on the way and a clear edict known to all concerning how second place is no place, watch for City to put away the tack hammer and bring out the sledge from the perspective of financial outlay.

    After sissy-footing around and losing Robin van Persie last summer, Sheikh Mansour and Company are probably not apt to make similar mistakes this time around.

Edinson Cavani

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    Radamel Falcao is a great player, but if you asked my preference for a new striker at Manchester City my move with Sheikh Mansour's money would be for Edinson Cavani.

    After a fallow week of Cavani news, there is The Mirror coming through with a story detailing how talks between Napoli and City are underway. Guess who is at the center of it?

    The Mirror quoted Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis thus: "I said to (sporting director Alberto) Bigon to go to Manchester City to negotiate over Dzeko and Cavani. They talk a lot but when it comes to dealing with money, they are less forthcoming."

    Shots fired.

    Apparently it worked, as the Sun reported very recently that City and Real Madrid are now locked up in a battle over Cavani that could cost one of the sporting superpowers "£100m — including £8m-a-year in wages for the Uruguayan ace."

    Just £100m? Sheikh Mansour keeps that much in the glove compartment.

Radamel Falcao

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    Of course The Mirror has never been wrong before. But if they eventually end up being right this time, look out.

    Leave it to The Mirror, though, to drop a link into their most recent Falcao-to-City story that shows their prior story to have been at best premature and at worst wrong.

    So taking this ongoing "news" story from The Mirror at face value was probably never advisable.

    The newest developments on this front are even more dispiriting. Perhaps given what Edinson Cavani is likely to cost, City is now putting out word that they are out of the Falcao sweepstakes, per

    Given the normal rate of disinformation that goes on in the transfer window, though, maybe this is your signal to get your new Nike City kit with Falcao's name on it.


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    As a threshold matter, it bodes quite well for Manchester City that Fernandinho apparently wants to be a Sky Blue. reported recently that Fernandinho has admitted his interest in joining the fold at the Etihad.

    Per that report, "Shakhtar have placed a €50 million (£42.3 million) price on Fernandinho with manager Mircea Lucescu saying that City will have to activate his buyout clause." 

    City has been in the Fernandinho sweepstakes for a while now, and per, the Brazilian midfielder is actively fanning the flames on Twitter.

    That is just good business by Fernandinho, who can drive his transfer fee (and perhaps his wages) up by indicating his interest in the Billionaires' Club at City and perhaps piquing the interest of other moneyed clubs.

    Or it could just be that Fernandinho was foretelling what is now the latest information on his possible future with City, specifically that the Sky Blues are going thermonuclear with their spending at the window.'s recent scoop from "sources" indicates that City are planning "a €120 million summer shopping spree that will 'stun English football'".

    Look out below.


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    Hey, did you hear the one about Manuel Pellegrini being on the verge of being named Manchester City's new manager?

    Malaga has, and per, they are pretty bummed out about losing him.

    Imagine how disconsolate Malaga will be if, as The Sun suggests, Pellegrini takes 21-year-old midfield prodigy Isco with him.

    Note to City, though: don't drag your feet.

    Per, here comes Real Madrid after Isco. Real Madrid have troubles similar to those faced by City this summer. Namely, a disappointing campaign and the departure of a high-profile manager.

    Nothing salves those wounds like splurging at the transfer window.

    The Sun is also in on this story: "the dethroned Premier League champions have a fight on their hands after Real declared an interest."

    City and Real Madrid are now apparently tussling over both Edinson Cavani and Isco.

    Can't we all just get along?

Carlos Tevez

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    Of all the likely Etihad departures for Carlos Tevez these past few seasons, the one he had over the past weekend may have been the most unlikely.

    Tevez, who was notoriously suspended for an act of treason in a Champions League match, somehow rehabilitated his image after returning to Manchester City last spring and helping the team win the Premier League.

    By this past weekend, Tevez was a beloved old boy at City. Rumors of his pending departure from the club had been swirling for a while, and the paying faithful at the Etihad showered Tevez with love as he left the pitch perhaps for the last time as a Sky Blue.

    It may only be a matter of time before Tevez is gone. The Mirror reported recently that Juventus is hot after Tevez, and Paris St-Germain and Monaco are also rumored to have interest.

Sergio Aguero

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    Right, so this story is five days old. But rather than give you the update on Kolo Toure perhaps going down to Liverpool to do nothing, it seemed more compelling to keep tabs on the striker who scored the most important goal in the history of the club.

    Sergio Aguero may need to be talked into staying at City, per the Daily Mail.

    Look, was it a vintage Aguero campaign? No, it was not. He was injured some, he was ineffective some, and at least some of City's precipitous scoring drop-off as a squad this past season was attributable to Aguero's mediocrity.

    But letting him leave now should be the last thing either Manuel Pellegrini or Sheikh Mansour wants to see happen.

    And per the latest report at, it won't.

    City's chief executive Ferran Soriano was sort of blunt, really. "He is not leaving," Soriano informed the British press.

    Soriano continued: "This speculation has gone on and on and on but...he has never expressed a willingness to go. We have never had an offer and even if we had an offer we would say no."

    Here's hoping.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    We have officially reached the point in the transfer season where news outlets are starting to get bored and antsy.

    There is no other legitimate explanation for the recent Daily Star submission more or less creating an "Ibrahimovic to City or Chelsea" story out of whole cloth.

    Per the Daily Star, Ibrahimovic's comment about a move to England was this: "Anything can happen. City were interested when I was at Barcelona—but then I was more interested in Milan."

    Wait...that's it? That's the whole quote? Ibrahimovic talking about City's interest years back?

    Right. Well, anyway, there's another rumour for you. Ibrahimovic to City.

    Stay tuned, I guess.