WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Results: The 10 Most Memorable Moments

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IMay 20, 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Results: The 10 Most Memorable Moments

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    It has been six weeks since the last pay-per-view, which gave WWE the opportunity to book compelling matches without all the hype that is usually attached with WrestleMania.  

    And that’s a good thing, especially considering that the name of the event is Extreme Rules where, ironically, rules are placed to make matches seem more chaotic. 

    He had Ryback and John Cena in a last man standing match, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger in an I Quit match and Triple H and Brock Lesnar in a steel cage match.  

    We also had one of the most surprising midcard results in a long time. Every match with a gimmick had its special moment, so here are 10 of the most memorable moments from Extreme Rules 2013. 

The Miz Wins His 2nd Consecutive Pre-Show Win

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    From headlining WrestleMania a few years back against John Cena to being a part of virtually every pay-per-view pre-show, The Miz has fallen down the WWE totem pole.

    Nevertheless, he can definitely entertain no matter who his opponent is. At Extreme Rules, his opponent was one-half of the not-so-disbanded Team Rhodes Scholars, Cody Rhodes. 

    The Miz, being the former high-caliber superstar that he is, dominated for most of the match which is expected, but Cody Rhodes was able to capitalize later in the match by attackingThe Miz’s midsection and hitting a Cross Rhodes.  

    But in the end, The Miz applied the figure-four leglock that he borrowed from WWE legend Ric Flair to capture the victory. This marks his second consecutive win in a pay-per-view pre-show. Despite the fall from grace, The Miz sure knows how to start a pay-per-view. 

Chris Jericho Redeems Himself with a Win Against Fandango

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    Chris Jericho didn't win at WrestleMania against the rookie Fandango, but he sure made up for it at Extreme Rules. 

    The feud featured more dancing than fighting as evident in last week's Raw, but the two superstars were able to settle their score in the ring on Sunday. 

    There were a few spots of note as the two tangoed to a very impressive match, with Jericho earning the win. one in particular was the end where Fandango was going for his second leg drop of the night. This second time backfired on him as Jericho countered it for the codebreaker, which at this point is almost Ortonesque. 

    Something tells me this might not be the end of the feud between these two. Expect a rubber match for these two ballroom foes to finally settle the score. 

The Shield Captures Gold in the US Championship Match

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    The match between newly minted United States champion Kofi Kingston and Shield member Dean Ambrose seemed like an afterthought in the realm of WWE bookings. But despite the subtle announcement, this match garnered more momentum for The Shield. 

    Ambrose, looking similar to most appearances with the exception of taped fists, exhibited one of the most impressive bouts of the night with the ever-athletic wildcat Kingston.

    A series of back-and-forth moves dominated the narrative of this match, with Kofi’s high-flying maneuvers being the exclamation point.

    Unfortunately for Kingston, this also became his Achilles' heel as Ambrose took advantage of a Kofi miscalculation to secure the win. 

    This marked the first title capture for The Shield since their debut, but it would not be the last of the night. 

Sheamus Continues His Heel Run—as a Face

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    The course of Sheamus’ recent history has been plagued with heel-like tactics that make fans cheer for him, and this strap match with the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry was no different. 

    Henry Dominated for the majority of the match, as he dragged Sheamus touching the turnbuckles early on in the match. Henry only reached a few turnbuckles before Sheamus’ force overpowered Henry. 

    The best spot of the match was the World’s Strongest Slam that was reserved to land the Brogue Kick, allowing Sheamus to touch all four corners for the win. 

Mark Henry's Contemplative Loss

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    In a backstage interview, Mark Henry contemplated the loss in a very somber fashion. 

    When asked about his the strap match results, Henry seemed perplexed and simply walked out with the implication that his character may be changing—or he may be taking a break. 

    Where does the world’s strongest man go from here now that his feud between the Celtic Warrior has ended?

2 I Quits but Only 1 Victory

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    With Dolph Ziggler suffering a concussion a week prior to the scheduled Extreme Rules card, WWE had to change the World Heavyweight Championship conversation on such short notice. 

    It had to find a way to keep the fans interested in the makeshift match while still keeping the focus on the injured Ziggler. The impromptu I Quit match between both No. 1 contenders managed to do both. 

    The match was rather short in comparison to other I Quit matches, with most of the action taking place in the ring. But while the actual competitors duked it out with an array of submissions while senior referee Mike Chioda repeatedly asked the superstars if they give up, the respective managers decided to take it upon themselves to contribute. 

    During the latter part of the bout, Ricardo Rodriguez toyed with the idea of throwing in the white towel he brought with his standard bucket to end the match, but Del Rio refused. That is when Zeb Colter decided to take said towel and toss it in the ring anyway while the referee had his back turned. Chioda instantly saw the towel and called the match in favor of Swagger.

    But wait! WWE tossed the fans a curveball: instant replay. Another referee came from the back to explain to Chioda about the travesty and proceeded to look at their instant replay equipment, a small television conveniently placed by the ring bell. 

    The match continued, with Del Rio picking up the win against Swagger this time. Think of it as Referee Ex Machina. 

    Expect these two to continue bickering over the controversial decision.   

The Hounds of Justice Get More Gold in the Tag Team Bout

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    Kane and Daniel Bryan have held on to the WWE Tag Team titles for such a long time and haven't done much with them, so their time seemed to be up when this tornado tag team match between The Shield was booked. 

    The tornado tag rules favored the renegade Hounds of Justice since they are used to the erratic wrestling style. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were able to isolate both Kane and Daniel Bryan on multiple occasions.

    Their main concern was the Big Red Machine Kane, who they tossed outside the ring to gang up on the smaller Daniel Bryan. With the legal double-teaming, The Shield pinned Bryan for the victory to capture a set of titles to complement Ambrose’s United States Championship. 

    If you don’t believe in The Shield yet, you better take another look. 

Orton Gets a Home Win Thanks to the Punt Kick

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    For a pay-per-view called Extreme Rules, one of the namesake matches did not have much hype going into it. This match was between Randy Orton and the Big Show, which stemmed from their WrestleMania six-man tag match where Show refused to help Orton with The Shield. 

    This Extreme Rules match did have one of the more fun moments of the card when Big Show balanced a ladder, with Orton, on two chairs. Show slowly moved his way up to the turnbuckle and essentially planted a Vader Bomb—only, Orton dodged the impact. 

    Thank goodness for the TV14 rating, or this match would not have the impressive ending that it did. With Big Show down and out after a series of RKOs, Orton took a few steps back and delivered the banned punt kick. All in all, this was a great victory for Orton in front of a home crowd. 

No-Contest in the Last Man Standing Match Between John Cena and Ryback

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    What a maneuver—but what a lousy finish! 

    With a last man standing in place, there was bound to be a winner without being pinned. Unfortunately for the fans, this did not happen as both superstars were technically out for the count after the best spot of the match where Ryback tackled John Cena through the stage. 

    Before the match escalated outside the ring and into the stadium seats, Ryback and Cena fought relentlessly with a flurry of finishers and a few weapons on the way. 

    A few near-10 counts happened, but both superstars were able to spring back into actions in the nick of time. The match also had the now-standard spear to the barricade, which was the harbinger to the outside altercations. 

    On their way back to the stage, Cena delivered a decent spot when he landed a drop to Ryback through a table previously accommodated for a few WWE employees on their laptops.

    The end result had both wrestlers down for the count, which allows Cena to retain the belt. 

    Will this feud end now, or will both wrestlers be out for the foreseeable future?

Brock Lesnar Wins the Rubber Match Against Triple H

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    Brock Lesnar lost to Triple H at WrestleMania, almost like Chris Jericho lost to Fandango. And just like the Fandango vs. Jericho match at Extreme Rules, the lose of the previous bout got their revenge. 

    With the help of the unforgiving steel cage and interference by Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar was able to win the rubber match despite hurting his leg in the middle of the match. Triple H took advantage of the injury and proceeded to hit Brock Lesnar with a steel chair. 

    The best moment of the match occurred when Triple H magically grabbed a sledgehammer cleverly camouflaged to match the cage. However, Lesnar had the last laugh when he placed the sledgehammer on Triple H’s chest after the win. It looks like this feud may, in fact, be over. 

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