Milwaukee Brewers: Untitled Mid-Week Post

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

SAN DIEGO - APRIL 06:  Pitcher Jake Peavy #44 of the San Diego Padres throws a pitch against the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 6, 2009 at Petco Park in San Diego, California.  The Dodgers won 4-1.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Sometimes you just need to unwind…sometimes you just need to vent..that’s the thought behind this series of posts.

Mid-Week Mindless Vent:

Was it only two weeks ago? It was…Wow…

Two (Rickie) weeks ago, I had two adult Brewer fans come up to me to discuss the team. It went like this:

“Your team isn’t looking so hot” “This team is awful…simply terrible!” “How can you still wear a Brewers hat? They’re embarrassing!” “Yeah, Jeff Suppan and Jason Kendall should be cut.”

“I really don’t think this team is as good as everyone thought…they’ll be lucky to get to third place.” “I just don’t think Macha is going to be around by August…I don’t know…he just hasn’t proven anything.”

“If they were going to throw $100 million at Sabathia, they should have at least signed Jake Peavy.”

As you can tell, this was an awkward and annoying conversation, but I can’t help but think that other Brewers fans were being accosted by people like this all over Wisconsin.

I tried to educate them. I tried to tell them it was early in the year and I would worry about this if it was, say, August. I tried to tell them that there are more than just 16 games in a baseball season and it’s a game of streaks, hot and cold.

I tried to tell them Jake Peavy was not a free agent. I tried and tried and explained and explained, but it went nowhere. The same duo came up to me last night. This was how it went:

“How about our Brew Crew!” “Oh man, they are hitting a ton and that Braden Looper?” “Yeah, he’s been worth all that money.” “I can’t believe they aren’t .500 yet…I mean they’ve been playing really good.”

“I knew Weeks was going to have a good year…I totally called it.” “Do you think they’ll catch the Cubs with Hoffman back?”

I smiled and nodded. It was at this moment that I realized that I should be annoyed, but entertained by these types of “Chicken Little” fans. I might even have thoughts or feelings like this myself!

I realized that maybe I should stop focusing all my negativity on other less-informed Brewer fans and start focusing on whoever chooses many of the music beds this year for in-between innings on the radio broadcast. I’m guessing from all the country and 80’s hits that it’s Corey Hart.


Fake Headlines:

Local Man Sure Todd Coffey is Dan Kolb
A man from Oswego is convinced that Brewers reliever Todd Coffey is Dan Kolb. “Seriously, guys…they look identical”. A not as drunk bystander isn’t as sure: “Well, I haven’t seen the two of them together at the same time, but I highly doubt they are the same person.”


Johnny Estrada Still Befuddled by Sudden Loss of Career
Free Agent Johnny Estrada doesn’t understand how he went from an All-Star to jobless. “I just don’t get it, man. I mean I hardly run, I never swing at a first pitch, and I’m slower than Mike Piazza even with his terrible knees! I just don’t understand…”


Product Placement Goes Too Far?
A fan in Waupaca was listening to the game in his car, when suddenly his car went off the road.

According to reports this is what happened: During the LuxAire home run inning, the Brewers grabbed two Bagder Mutual Insurance Runs with a Wisconsin Lottery Powerball home run, but the driver wasn’t sure what was going on because they were checking the Bank Mutual Scoreboard.

He was hoping for an explanation, but what he got was a field and game report from the Fields Automotive Group followed by the pitch speed brought to him by Road Runner High Speed online.

The driver was so irked by not knowing what happened that he lost control of his Chevy, an American Revolution, car right outside of the local Kwik Trip, where you can buy bananas at 99 cents a pound.


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