Spike Lee Scores 2 Seats to Knicks Game 6 in Indy, Minus the Pacers T-Shirts

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 18, 2013

Spike Lee's persistence finally paid off: The New York Knicks' most ardent (and visible) supporter managed to secure a pair of tickets to Game 6 in Indianapolis.

You might remember that his efforts to score seats didn't work out so well last time, as an Indiana Pacers season-ticket holder somewhat awesomely turned down the director's offer to purchase his courtside tickets for $40,000.

The Pacers apparently took Lee's money this time, but they didn't miss an opportunity to show their displeasure at his presence. There would be no free swag for the only New York fan in the building:

And guess who facilitated the sale?

It sounds crazy that the Pacers president would have actively helped a rival fan get his hands on such sweet tickets, but remember, Donnie Walsh ran Lee's beloved Knicks from 2008-11. So there's something of a history between the pair.

Lee has been through the war between these two teams since the beginning, so he was smart enough to bring a human shield into the hostile environment with him:

I don't know who the kid in the picture is, but you can bet he's there to deter insults—and possibly a few projectiles intended for Reggie Miller's mortal enemy.

Speaking of which, Lee has been taking every opportunity to irritate Miller, popping up on camera in more than one instance behind the former Pacers great. Reggie might have been the king of the long bomb, but Lee is proving to be just prolific in the "photo" and "video" categories.

In addition to terrorizing Miller, Lee has come up with some pretty odd ways to motivate his favorite team. Anything to get a win, huh, Spike?

Not every Knicks fan is quite so "enthusiastic," though.

It's great that Lee is such a diehard supporter of his team. There's no question about his devotion. It would just be nice if he didn't have to snatch the spotlight so often. The rest of the fans in Indy are there to enjoy a game—not to suffer retinal damage from Lee's neon, Hi-Liter-toned apparel.