Feuds We Should See In 2009

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

Since the 2009 WWE Draft is over and with new superstars being traded to different shows, we should be seeing some new and interesting feuds we haven't seen yet in the next few months or so. If you didn't keep up with the draft, here are some new superstars Smackdown, RAW, & ECW picked up.

Smackdown: Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, Kane, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Women's Champion Melina, 2009 Money in the Bank Winner CM Punk, Cryme Tyme, and also the return of Gail Kim.

RAW: United States Champion MVP, Undisputed Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo, Big Show, Matt Hardy, The Bella Twins, The Miz, Divas Champion Maryse, "The" Brian Kendrick, and also "MMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. KEEEENNNNNEEEEDDDDY.....................KEEEEENNNNNEEEDDDY."

ECW: Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson

With these superstars being drafted to other shows, these are some feuds I think we should see in the year of 2009 and in the next few months to come.

Chris Jericho vs. Edge

This is a feud we have yet to see in the WWE. Even before these two great superstars became World Champions. Now with Edge the new World Heavyweight Champion and maybe turning face in the weeks ahead and with Chris Jericho now on Smackdown, this could be the feud of the year if done right. Especially if this feud is over for the World Heavyweight Championship, you can guarantee a Ladder Match or a TLC Match wouldn't be out of the question.

Shawn Michaels vs. John Morrison

This is a feud that people have been waiting to see for quite some time now. Shawn Michaels would elevate John Morrison's career so much if Morrison could go one on one with the Show Stopper.

Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

We all saw that Jeff Hardy could hang in there with the Deadman in 2002 but now with Jeff Hardy in the prime of his career this feud could really be something.

Carlito & Primo vs. Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

We all know that the Tag Team division in the WWE has really died now from the past few years but with Carlito and Primo now the new Unified Tag Team Champions, this feud with Priceless could save the Tag Team division. Especially with DiBiase and Rhodes on the rise in becoming major players in the business.

Randy Orton vs. MVP

This match just occurred on RAW this past week but I think MVP has a huge opportunity to become WWE Champion in the very near future. If they let Randy Orton hold on to the WWE Title long enough then this feud between Orton and MVP could be a very interesting one to see.

Christian vs. Evan Bourne

Since Christian just won the ECW Title from Jack Swagger and with Evan Bourne back from his ankle injury this match could really do wonders for ECW.

Rey Mysterio vs. Shelton Benjamin

We all know what Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin can bring to the table but them two in a match together for the Intercontinental Champion would be awesome.

Melina vs. Gail Kim

Since the Women's Championship got moved to Smackdown this match would be a great one among the divas. I can see Gail Kim becoming WWE Women's Champion again.

The Miz vs. Mr. Kennedy

Hopefully Mr. Kennedy will be back in action very shortly and when he does come back he needs somebody to work with and The Miz would be perfect. Even though The Miz isn't the break out star from his partnership with John Morrison, he could really elevate his game if he gets in there with somebody talented like Mr. Kennedy.