The Doctor's WWE Main Event/SmackDown Recap: Final Shows Before Extreme Rules

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 18, 2013

Illustration by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Illustration by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly Main Event and SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap Main Event and SmackDown with a long list.
The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.
I try to interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the show.


Main Event

1. After the usual opening recap video, we see Kane make his way to the ring.
2. I am a little surprised Daniel Bryan isn't with him.
3. Seth Rollins makes his way out through the crowd with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose by his side.
4. I am so happy they are wrestling more singles matches lately.
5. Rollins and Reigns appear to have used axle grease in their hair judging from the sheen.
6. Rollins uses his quickness to get an early advantage, but Kane eventually hits a big boot to take control in one shot.
7. Miz brings up John Morrison on commentary. It always surprises me when they mention a former WWE Superstar. It used to be a crime in WWE to do that.
8. Kane comes really close to hitting the Tombstone at one point, but Rollins squirmed out of it and went to the outside.
9. All three members of the group surround the ring to throw Kane off, but when Rollins comes in, he gets back dropped right out of the ring onto Reigns.
10. Am I the only one who looks at Seth Rollins' hair and wonders why he only dyed one part of his head and not an entire half?
11. We return right as Kane hits a suplex for a near fall.
12. Rollins avoids a Chokeslam and hits a kick to the back of Kane's head to get some breathing room.
13. Ambrose punches Kane in the face when the ref has his back turned.
14. JBL has been on commentary so much lately that not having him there is noticeable.
15. Things aren't as exciting without his energy.
16. Rollins gets turned inside out by a clothesline.
17. Rollins takes Kane from the top rope to the floor with a jumping kick as we head to another break.
18. We return to see Rollins in control with a headlock.
19. Rollins grabs Kane and pulls his head into the middle turnbuckle in a brutal-looking way for a near fall.
20. Rollins comes off the middle rope right into an uppercut from Kane.
21. Kane gets a head of steam and starts hitting all his signature offense.
22. Rollins comes off the top rope and almost gets caught in a Chokeslam, but he counters into a roll up, which Kane counters back into a Chokeslam.
23. He uses Rollins to knock Reigns off the apron and then hits the Chokeslam, but Ambrose comes in and causes a DQ before Kane can pin Rollins.
24. Kane gets speared by Reigns when he grabs Ambrose by the throat and all three men start laying into Kane.
25. The Usos come running down the ramp to even the odds and the babyfaces send The Shield running.
26. Reigns took a nasty kick from one of the Usos. I wonder if they grew up beating each other up at family reunions?

27. I imagine their dads, Rikishi and Sika, coming over to break it up and then getting into their own fight about whose kids are tougher.
28. Meanwhile Rosey, Samu and Manu are being yelled at by Afa about not being as cool as Dwayne.
29. Imagine the pressure to become a wrestler if you are born into that family. It must be nuts.

30. Last week I compared Antonio Cesaro to a Die Hard villain, but I think the comparison actually fits The Shield better.
31. Ambrose is obviously the Alan Rickman of the group. Rollins is the guy Bruce Willis kills while falling down a flight of stairs, and Reigns is the guy who gets shot by Carl Winslow.
32. Would that make John Cena the Bruce Willis in this situation?
33. Oh, God! I apologize to Bruce Willis and his family for that comparison. It was uncalled for.
34. Seriously though, Die Hard is awesome.
35. Wow! Akira Shinmei is back! (If anyone gets that reference without looking it up, I will be shocked.)

36. I sort of feel like I was lied to learning that all Power Rangers shows just film US storylines and dub over Japanese Super Sentai action sequences.
37. If WWE had any faith in the Sin Cara character anymore, then his return would have been a bigger deal. He has probably been injured almost as much as he has been healthy in WWE.
38. He is nowhere near Evan Bourne's amount of time injured, but he is getting there.
39. I almost forgot Wade Barrett was IC champion. It feels like we have barely seen him lately.
40. The bell rings and those stupid yellow lights come on over the ring. I hate that part of his gimmick so much.
41. It didn't work with Glacier in WCW and it won't work with Sin Cara. Give it up, WWE, and let me watch a match where everyone doesn't look orange.
42. Nice. Wade Barrett actually makes a little gesture at his own unhappiness with the lighting as the match starts.
43. Barrett takes control right off the bat.
44. The look on his face after he knocked Sin Cara out of the ring with a boot to the face was hilarious.
45. He just looked so happy.
46. I like that Miz talks about how he wants to be back where he used to be in the main event and not on the pre-show of the pay-per-views.
47. Sin Cara comes back and starts building some momentum with a nice springboard cross body followed by a springboard dropkick to the back of Barrett.
48. Sin Cara leaps off the top rope, but he jumps over Barrett and lands on his feet. Barrett runs at him and hits The Winds of Change for a two-count.
49. Barrett tries for a powerbomb, a move he never uses, and Sin Cara turns it into a huracanrana like he always does.
50. Cara gets the pin and the upset over Barrett.
51. WWE is throwing him right into a title feud, it would appear. Maybe they have bigger plans for him that I thought.

52. Cody Rhodes is in the ring when we return to face Justin Gabriel.
53. I like that Gabriel is getting more TV time lately, even if he isn't winning every match.
54. Gabriel gets the advantage after a suplex to Rhodes from the apron into the ring.
55. Rhodes comes back with a neckbreaker for a two-count.
56. Gabriel uses his quickness to regain control, but after some counters back and forth he gets planted by the Alabama Slam by Rhodes for a two-count.
57. Cody hits Cross Rhodes to get the pin and the win in a quick, but entertaining match.
58. Rhodes and Miz have a little staredown after the match.
59. That was a pretty good show. We had three matches, and the return of a Superstar from the injured list.
60. The second and third matches being short did not really take away from the show at all. I will take a one-hour show with three matches if it means guys like Rhodes, The Usos and Gabriel are being featured more.
61. Main Event has been hitting all the right notes lately. I feel like I am waiting for something to screw it up. Does that make me jaded or just an average wrestling fan?



62. I have come to accept the opening recap videos as part of the show. I was hard on them at first, but now I actually pay attention to them in case I forgot something from the previous week.
63. MizTV is back and his guests this week are Big Show and Randy Orton.
64. The set for Miz's show has been reduced to the sign above the ring and a black carpet. no furniture for anyone to break.
65. Where's the fun in that? The best part is when someone has a couch thrown at them.
66. Lately I find myself missing MVP's V.I.P. Lounge, and MVP in general.
67. I feel like if he returned right now, he would be welcomed back with such open arms by fans that WWE would have no choice but to push him.
68. I am willing to bet he has improved in the ring significantly after spending some time in Japan, and WWE could use someone like MVP to stir things up a bit.
69. Big Show and Orton yammer back and forth about who is going to win on Sunday.

70. Did Orton just Britta pronouncing "inaccurate?"
71. Orton reminds us that Extreme Rules is in his hometown and that is why he is going to win.
72. Interesting. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter come out for some reason.
73. Colter says Sunday will belong to Swagger because he will make Alberto Del Rio quit.
74. Alberto Del Rio comes out, too.
75. Teddy Long cannot be far behind to make this into a tag match.
76. I just had a brilliant idea. What if Ricardo Rodriguez had his own personal announcer to bring him out before he brings out Alberto Del Rio.
77. The gimmick couldn't last more than a few weeks, but it would be hilarious because it would acknowledge that Ricky is just as popular as Del Rio, if not moreso.
78. Mark Henry comes out and talks about he is going to beat Sheamus.
79. None of these people really had a great reason to come out during Orton and Show's segment.
80. Sheamus is quick to follow. Teddy has to be lurking somewhere waiting to turn this into a six-man match now.
81. Somehow the segment ends without anyone coming out and making a match out of it.
82. Hahahaha! Teddy comes out after the break and makes the match after everyone has already left. Ridiculous.
83. You're getting a little slow, Teddy.
84. The Shield make their way out next so Rollins and Reigns can take on The Usos after what happened on Main Event.
85. Rollins must feel like the friend someone brought to a family party right now.
86. The Usos start off strong by controlling Rollins, but eventually Reigns gets the tag and puts a stop to all their momentum.
87. Reigns ends up taking out one of the Usos with a spear to get a quick win.
88. Kofi Kingston comes out and helps the Usos even the odds with a steel chair after The Shield attack The Usos after the match.

89. I have to admit, the theme song for Extreme Rules makes the promo for the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H match seem exciting.
90. Miz is talking to Teddy backstage about returning to SmackDown and Damien Sandow walks in.
91. He says Miz never should have returned, and he should have his own show called The Damien Sandow Show.
92. I love the idea, but Teddy is hesitant and puts him in a match against Miz for later.
93. Did Josh Mathews just call Damien Sandow, General Zod?
94. It's an apt comparison. they share some similarities in both appearance and character.
95. The new Superman movie better be awesome. The last one was not up to snuff.
96. Tons of Funk take on The Prime Time Players after the break.
97. Clay and Tensai control Darren Young until Titus takes out Sweet T while he is outside the ring.
98. Titus tags in and keeps up the offense to Tensai.
99. Tensai avoids Titus in the corner, who hits the turnbuckle with more force than you would think possible.
100. Clay and Young both get tagged in and Clay comes in hot with plenty of power moves.
101. Titus saves the match after a slam and JBL talks about how the ref might have screwed up the call.
102. Titus was a little late breaking up the pin, and the ref clearly stopped his hand a split second before Titus hit Clay.
103. Young gets sandwiched between Clay and Tensai in the middle of the ring.
104. They hit the double splash to give Tons of Funk the pin and the win.

105. Cole plugs what will probably be the match of the night before we head to a break: Chris Jericho vs. Antonio Cesaro.
106. I know the commercials are not the same everywhere, but did anyone else see a commercial for UFC 160 that showed Brock Lesnar being owned by Cain Velasquez during this break? It was kind of funny.
107. I have also seen a ridiculous amount of advertising for Merlin recently. Is that show popular?

108. I grew up with a Merlin who had a long beard, an owl named Archimedes and a somewhat senile personality, so I might not accept some 20-something as Merlin, even if it is an origin story.
109. The Merlin I speak of is from The Sword in the Stone film from 1963, which is the best Disney cartoon next to the Robin Hood where all the parts were played by animals.
110. Jericho and Cesaro lock up after the bell.
111. Jericho runs right into a shoulder block from Cesaro that sends him down to the mat.
112. Cesaro takes a break outside the ring after Jericho hits a dropkick.
113. Showing what is happening on the WWE app in the corner of the screen is distracting.
114. Cesaro tries to suplex Jericho to the outside of the ring, but Jericho blocks it and hits a triangle dropkick to send Cesaro off the apron as we head to a break.
115. Antonio Cesaro seems like he would have been a perfect fit for WWE in the '80s.
116. He looks like he would have been a great opponent for babyfaces like Sgt. Slaughter, The Big Bossman and Hulk Hogan.
117. Jericho fights up out of a headlock when we return from the break.
118. Jericho starts to build some momentum, but he looks exhausted.
119. Cesaro powers out of the Walls of Jericho and he gets the knees up during the Lionsault.
120. Jericho hits an enzuigiri out of nowhere for a two count.
121. Cesaro comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another close near fall.
122. Cesaro tries for a Neutralizer, but Jericho counters and tries for the Walls of Jericho again, only to be kicked off.
123. Cesaro nails Jericho with a huge uppercut as Y2J came leaping off the top rope.
124. That looked awesome.
125. Jericho counters the delayed gutwrench and finally locks in the Walls to make Cesaro tap.

126. That was a good match. Cesaro may be losing a lot lately, but he is looking good losing to top guys in great matches.
127. Summer Rae comes out on the stage after the match and distracts Jericho, but Jericho turns and sees Fandango coming at him from behind in time to cut him off.
128. Jericho fights off both Fandango and Cesaro. He ends the segment by giving Cesaro a Codebreaker.

129. Fandango's new pants remind me of Fruit Stripe gum. I wonder if Fandango's popularity will last longer than the flavor of that gum?
130. The commercial for this gum proves that ads geared towards children do not have to make any sense whatsoever. What do a rainbow-colored zebra riding a Ducati or aliens have to do with gum?

131. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger give us their first We The People video in quite some time. The subject of this video is "Extreme." It's the same basic stuff we have seen from them in recent months.
132. Colter makes reference to some real-life issues in the government while talking about Swagger winning on Sunday.
133. Cody Rhodes is on commentary to watch his best friend take on Miz.
134. Now I can't stop thinking about General Zod when I look at Damien Sandow. Thanks, Josh Mathews.
135. Miz and Sandow exchange some offense early on, but the commentary is what is really drawing my attention for some reason.
136. Rhodes gets on a mic and tells the audience to show some respect for Damien Sandow.
137. That was kind of smart. The crowd was starting to die and that got some quick heat.
138. Sandow puts Miz through all his signature offense leading into the Elbow of Disdain.
139. Damien Sandow is so good in so many ways. He is gold on the mic, he really works well with just about anyone in the ring, and he is genuinely funny.
140. If I could pick one Superstar for Sandow to feud with it would be Dean Ambrose. One of them might have to turn babyface for it to work, but just imagine the promos those two would deliver to each other.

141. Sandow and Ambrose had a match for the FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship which I will include for your enjoyment. It is better than anything we have seen on WWE TV this week.
142. The FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship was a really interesting concept that might work in WWE.
143. The champion had a medal instead of a belt, and every title match was a 15-minute Ironman match.
144. There were only a handful of champions before it was retired when FCW became NXT, but it is something I would enjoy seeing brought to WWE television.
145. Cody Rhodes not knowing who Errol Flynn is really disappoints me. He was Robin Hood.
146. He was a lot of other things, too, but Robin Hood is a big part of his legacy.
147. Miz starts to build some momentum and he runs through his five moves of doom.
148. Miz grabs Sandow's leg, but Rhodes provides a distraction.
149. Miz counters Sandow again and locks in the Figure Four to get the submission win.
150. That was a good match. Both guys got in all their signatures on each other and Rhodes did not have a huge impact on the match.

151. Aksana is in the ring to face Kaitlyn after the break.
152. They show Kaitlyn getting flowers from her secret admirer backstage.
153. Josh Mathews thinks her secret admirer is Sin Cara because he is ugly and wears a mask.
154. Is Josh Mathews playing the heel a bit more lately?
155. Kaitlyn controls the early part of the match, but Aksana grounds her and slows things down.
156. Cole and Mathews argue about text messages and JBL makes a quick reference to Anthony Weiner.
157. Cole makes a reference to Mark Sanford. Why are they talking about politicians with scandals instead of the match?
158. Kaitlyn wins with a spear. I barely noticed. Maybe that's why the announcers went off on a tangent.

159. Lilian gives Ricardo Rodriguez a Spanish introduction and Ricardo gives Del Rio an English introduction.
160. After a break, we see everyone has made their way out for the six-man tag match.
161. Swagger and Del Rio start things off, with Del Rio taking the early lead.
162. At this point, I went to my DVR and watched this week's Modern Family. I am just so tired of seeing these six guys in different variations of matches with each other.
163. After putting the show back on, I see Del Rio hit a running kick to Swagger's shoulder.
164. Orton comes in and stomps on Swagger's hand.
165. Swagger comes back and starts to work over Orton's leg until he gets hit with Orton's picture-perfect dropkick.
166. Del Rio comes back in and he ends up hitting a suicide dive to Swagger on the outside.
167. Swagger ends up taking Del Rio down from the top rope the hard way and then tagging in Big Show.
168. Show stands on Del Rio's back for a full four-count.
169. Quick tags from the heels keep Del Rio in their corner.
170. We head to a break with Big Show back in the ring controlling the match.
171. We come back to Del Rio mounting some offense and avoiding Swagger in the corner so Swagger hits his shoulder into the ring post.
172. Del Rio can't make the tag as Big Show comes in and pulls him to the middle of the ring.
173. Del Rio counters Big Show and tags in Sheamus, who comes in hot with plenty of offense to Big Show.
174. Sheamus breaks out of a Chokeslam and hits White Noise before he calls for the Brogue Kick.
175. Big Show grabs him with a Chokeslam, but somehow Sheamus kicks out.
176. Swagger comes back in and drops some elbows on Sheamus.
177. Sheamus fights back and gets the tag to Orton.
178. Swagger totally no-sells Orton's signature backbreaker.
179. Everyone starts hitting their finishers on each other until Orton hits Swagger with an RKO for the pin and the win.
180. The show ends with Orton, Sheamus and Del Rio celebrating in the ring.
181. This was the final show before Extreme Rules, and I think WWE did a decent job addressing all the feuds that they could in a two-hour show.
182. Jericho and Cesaro had the match of the night, which seems to be a trend whenever Cesaro and his opponent are given 10 minutes or more to be creative.
183. I hope WWE has something up their sleeve, because Extreme Rules is not looking like a card with a lot of potential for shocking outcomes.

184. This past week featured the series finale of one of my favorite shows of all time, The Office. I have been a fan since discovering the original British version on DVD in 2004, and was very excited when the show was adapted in the US in 2005.
185. While I was very sad to see it go, there was a sense of closure to the show's finale, and it got me thinking about moving on to new things.
186. The Office lasted for around 200 episodes, and I have done close to that many recap lists. I have lost count if I am being honest.
187. Doing these lists has been one of my great pleasures for the past couple of years, but anyone who has been a long-time reader knows I have always tinkered with the format and tried to make changes.
188. While the response from readers has always been extremely positive and humbling, I feel like it is time to move on and try something new.
189. Therefore, next week's recap list will be my last. I will do my best to make sure I go out on a high note, but I feel like it's time to move on.
190. I will be back the following week with something new. A new weekly recap format that hopefully continues to entertain you while allowing me to explore new formats. I am sure this decision will be met with some criticism, but I hope you allow me the chance to entertain you in a new way after next week's final list.
191. As always, thank you so much for reading my goofy thoughts, and feel free to leave your thoughts on the show below. Also, join me here on Bleacher Report for live coverage of Extreme Rules on Sunday,


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