CM Punk: Why His Return to the Company Must Happen the Night After Extreme Rules

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 18, 2013

Once the “Extreme Rules” pay-per-view is finished and fans are screaming over a terrible main event between John Cena and Ryback (I predict Ryback wins this match, but it isn’t clean), all eyes and attention will be set upon CM Punk and his return to the ring.

“WWE Payback” is the next pay-per-view on the calendar and it just so happens to be in the Windy City of Chicago.

For those of you in the know, that is Punk’s hometown and the scene of Punk’s infamous theft of the WWE Title two years ago at SummerSlam.

Since his time away from the ring beginning April 8, Punk’s lack of stage presence has been bigger news than some of the angles the WWE is presently trying to promote. Good to know Punk’s appeal is so great that he is needed now more than ever to help the company get through the summer swing of shows and pay-per-views.

The WWE has had issues with booking and the loss of major superstars since the retirement of Edge, which threw everything off kilter. I am not blaming Adam Copeland for any of the bad booking, misguidance and the poor handling of superstars. That is all on the WWE and its management. But one move, in my opinion, sent this company into a tailspin and wrestlers like Punk have had to come to the aid of the WWE to bail it out of the doldrums it has been facing.

You could also make the case Wade Barrett’s injury did not help, plus the fact Rey Mysterio has been MIA for some time and Christian is still out of action have likely added to the existing problems.

However much we dislike the role of John Cena, the fact does remain he is there and fights through, much like Punk played through the pain. The time off (five weeks now) should give the superstar more than ample time to heal, rest and come back to the WWE.

It will be interesting to see if he is still the “Paul Heyman Guy” he was before he hugged his “friend” and drifted off into the sunset for some rest.

If the WWE is going to make any headway in its move toward SummerSlam, the second-biggest PPV of the year, Punk must begin his road back starting Monday night. There are 28 days between pay-per-views, which is plenty of time to build Punk as a conquering hero again if the company is so inclined. There are so many heels now on the dance card, the chances are Punk would need to resurface as a face to balance the powers in wrestling and help Cena and Alberto Del Rio fight the good fight against evil.

There is also plenty of talent on the WWE ladder to build from and transform the “main event” roster a bit.

Cody Rhodes is in purgatory. R-Truth could use a makeover of sorts. Wade Barrett could be great as a brawling hero. Chris Jericho always delivers.

But the main attraction is Punk, the leader of this band and the face of this company in terms of real value (sorry Cena). If the WWE is going to move forward and gain any momentum, it needs to happen in three days when the dust settles and “Payback” becomes the focal point on every wrestler and fans’ mind.

Punk needs to be leading that charge.