WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 17, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    WWE's most entertaining moments on Facebook, Twitter and the like this week featured an interesting mix of silly and sexy.

    As we head into Extreme Rules, WWE-related social media did pay tribute to the company's extreme moments, but it was the goofy and the gorgeous that was most attention-grabbing.

    Divas past and present were all over the Internet. Summer Rae showed us a preview of her modeling ability. Kane, Dolph Ziggler Daniel Bryan and The Great Khali were all comic all-stars this week. A sweet Mother's Day tribute contrasted with the violence of a classic street fight.

    From Friday to Friday, Khali to Sgt. Slaughter, here are the highlights of all things WWE on social media. 

May 10: The Great Khali in Disguise

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    In order to discover who Kaitlyn's secret admirer is, The Great Khali volunteered to investgate. For those folks who thought that Khali would have trouble keeping his cover because of his immense size, he showed off two of his disguises.

    With these on, anyone he interviews might think they are talking to either Rey Mysterio or Cody Rhodes, especially if they have cataracts.

    WWE didn't do Khali any favors in terms of keeping his secret though by posting these photos of him on its Instagram page.

May 11: Divas Induce Slobber

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    Connecting this enormous Divas photo gallery to a summer theme is a bit of a stretch. There are bikinis and beach shots aplenty, but summer doesn't start until June 21.

    It's clearly just an excuse to display the beautiful women who have competed for WWE over the years, not that fans mind.

    Current Divas like AJ Lee and Alicia Fox are featured here as well as several women from the past including Stacy Keibler, Lita, Gail Kim and Trish Stratus.

    WWE posted a link to these 100 photos of hot Divas on its Facebook page to the delight of many.

May 11: The Dazzler Wins Superstar Search

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    Daniel Bryan and his alter-ego, The Dazzler have been dominating the Superstar Search on the JBL & Cole Show. WWE's Facebook shared the news that Bryan had won the competition and the accompanying trophy.

    After impressing fans with his magic tricks, rapping alongside Kurly Kane and introducing the world to Ninja Regal, Bryan handily won the talent competition, even if Damien Sandow believes otherwise.

    These performances have been further proof of Bryan's entertainment value outside of the ring.

    He’s quickly becoming the most well-rounded performer on the roster. 

May 12: Mother's Day

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    WWE paid tribute to mothers this past Sunday.

    Its Facebook page featured links to a photo gallery of Superstar and Diva mothers. There was also a touching feature on how their mothers aided stars like Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Kaitlyn and Darren Young in achieving their current success.

    This classy tribute to WWE moms was paired with information about the Susan G. Komen foundation which fights breast cancer in various ways.

    Divas Layla and and Alicia Fox participated in the 2013 Komen Global Race for the Cure in Washington D.C., an event that saw a lot of folks sport pink John Cena shirts.

    WWE shared a number of photos of the event.

May 13: Summer Rae

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    Summer Rae likely won't be Fandango's dancer for long. Having the NXT prospect stand alongside Fandango was a way to introduce her to WWE fans and provide her way onto the main roster. Her ring work and photo shoot-worthy looks will likely take her elsewhere though.

    Rae tweeted a shot of herself mid-photo shoot and made a mention of Fandango not being there.

    Our very first photo shoot with @realsummerwwe And no, @wwefandango was nowhere to be found. #Raw twitter.com/WWEmagazine/st…

    — WWE Magazine (@WWEmagazine) May 13, 2013

    Whether or not Rae gets a chance to shine in the ring, she'll likely get plenty of opportunities to do what she's doing in this photo, looking mighty fine.

May 13: Dolph Ziggler Steals the Show Via Twitter

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    Left out of WWE Raw thanks to a concussion, Dolph Ziggler had no problem stealing the show regardless.

    His verbal jabs and playful tweets were as entertaining as anything that went on in the ring on Monday. He made fun of Jericho's outfit, of how often he has wrestled Kofi Kingston and of Daniel Bryan's resemblance to a certain gnome spokesperson.

    One of his funnier tweets was when he referred to the blow that knocked him out of action.

    if @realjackswagger ever says he wants to 'kick it' dont do it!!!!#RAW

    — Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) May 14, 2013

    Poking fun at John Cena is an easy to way to get laughs as well.

    no ziggs at #RAW ouch @wweswags/del rio will surely entertain JK JKat least cenas there doing fresh material, i bet ;)

    — Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) May 13, 2013

May 15: CM Punk's New Profession, but Not Really

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    It's been nearly a month since CM Punk walked out of WWE Raw without an explanation.

    Many fans know that Punk is just resting nagging leg injuries (h/t WrestlingInc.com).

    Other fans might just be wondering if the former WWE champ was fired or if he quit. When a fan asked if Punk was still a WWE employee, The Best in the World had a sarcastic answer at the ready.

    “@trinaflowers12: @cmpunk ARE U STILL WORKING FOR WWE”No. Full time at Dawson's garage. Ask for Thor.

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) May 15, 2013

    It is easy to imagine someone who quotes Fantastic Four's The Thing before he enters the ring (It's clobbering time!) taking on the name Thor, but it's not as easy to see someone with Punk's resume heading down to a garage for work.

May 16: Kane Makes Everything Sound Terrifying

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    The highlight of the things WWE shared on Facebook this week was a hilarious feature where Kane said ordinary things in his creepy voice.

    As funny as The Great Khali Says… soundboard was, the Kane version tops it.

    Kane's demonic, disturbing voice makes banal phrases like "have you disabled cookies?" and "cottage cheese goes straight to my thighs" both unsettling and amusing.

    It may be an upsetting thought for some, but if Kane keeps on rocking it with this comedy role, he's never going to go back to his monstrous ways.

May 17: Alley Fight Flashback

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    In honor of the violent nature of Extreme Rules, WWE looked back on some of its most extreme moments including the classic Alley Fight between Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter.

    That 1981 war from Madison Square Garden remains one of the most intense and compelling matches in company history. WWE's Facebook posted a photo gallery of the match as well as an article (video included) detailing the action and the background to the famous clash.

    It's nice to see WWE not shying away from its less-PG past and educating younger fans about some of the company's legends.