Korean Angers Baseball Gods, Home Run Trot Ends in Humiliating Fashion

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 15, 2013

You might want to make sure you clear the fence before celebrating a home run. 

Deadspin spotted what has to be the most delightful video of a player getting shamed since Willie Mays Hayes pointed to the fence in Major League II

Much like that ill-fated boast, this one ends in shame for the slugger. 

According to its report, this comes during Wednesday's game between Korean league's Lotte Giants and the last-place NC Dinos. 

Giants outfielder Jeon Jun-woo comes to bat in the ninth inning with his team down two and a runner on first base. The stage is set for some major heroics, if not some rather unfortunate hysterics.


With one out, Jun-woo blasts the ball to left field and firmly believes it is gone. I have never met this man, but I am willing to bet he has never believed anything more fervently than this ball was going to clear the fence.

It doesn't. 

If you are looking for a side-by-side comparison between this humbling moment in reality and the one cooked up by Hollywood, YouTube user Mykbonet helps you out.  

Some of you have tripped and fallen in a public place or messed up a toast with friends. Hell, you may have really embarrassed yourself moments before reading this. 

Take a deep breath and give thanks that you never thought to show up a pitcher, only to get laughed at by the opposing team. 

Somewhere, a distraught Korean home run hero is proclaiming to anyone who will listen, "It had to be the wind."


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