Zeb Colter Has a Lot of Experience to Give in WWE

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 15, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Zeb Colter's robust supply of experience is an invaluable asset for WWE.

As a mentor, role model or influential veteran, Colter can help guide Jack Swagger and others to culling more of their potential. Colter as Dutch Mantel was one of pro wrestling's greatest storytellers, an enthralling orator who emanated an aura of toughness.

What the men and women of WWE do is a difficult task. What other endeavor requires so much from one's body, mind and personality or needs one to be so many things at once?

That’s why there is always so much to learn. That's why the company has veterans backstage guiding the up-and-comers and the stars looking to become megastars. Men like Arn Anderson, Bill DeMott and Dusty Rhodes have shared their knowledge and experience for years. Colter can add to that mix in a major way.

There are two major ways that Colter can help WWE's stars: by working alongside them or by analyzing their work.


Adding Another Client

WWE hasn't asked Swagger to say much other than "We the people" since Colter has been his manager. Colter is so much more talented as a talker than Swagger that it makes perfect sense to have him dominate their promos.

Just being around Colter, watching him operate and seeing how he prepares is likely to have a positive effect on Swagger. Sitting next to a great painter at work may not transfer talent from one hand to another, but observation and proximity can lead to learning.

Swagger shouldn't be the only one to benefit from a relationship with Colter.

Why not have him absorb another floundering performer into their group? It would of course require a major gimmick change for them, but wouldn't someone like Alex Riley or Curt Hawkins be better served being an overzealous patriot than a benchwarmer?

Let this third man stand next to Colter as he rants. Let him watch as Colter works the crowd.

When Colter's run ends, someone other than Swagger would have benefited from close observation of a mic master.


Words of Advice

The way an NBA team utilizes a veteran player like Jason Kidd in the locker room, Colter's insight and experience is a great resource. He's another coach in the ears of WWE stars.

Having Colter in the same locker room as the unproven and promising wrestlers on the roster is sure to lead to the transference of wisdom. Many of these younger guys may not have seen Colter as Dutch Mantel and may not have the biggest breadth of wrestling knowledge.

Colter's anecdotes, mantras and critiques are all priceless.

Superstars will get plenty of these things from WWE's backstage personnel, but one can't have too much knowledge.

Colter, like Anderson, DeMott, Rhodes and others, serves as a bridge from wrestling's past to its present and ultimately to its future. He wrestled Jerry Lawler and Abdullah the Butcher. He helped kickstart the careers of Steve Austin (h/t ProWrestling.net) and Kane (h/t ProWrestling.net), among others.

With as many years that Colter performed in the ring and served as a booker, with all the things he can teach by example or by instruction, Colter's value goes far beyond how much he is helping Swagger.