Alvin Gentry Is the Perfect Choice to Turn Charlotte Bobcats

Jonathan MunshawCorrespondent IMay 14, 2013

Alvin Gentry could bring experience to an otherwise young Charlotte Bobcats roster.
Alvin Gentry could bring experience to an otherwise young Charlotte Bobcats roster.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Now that the Charlotte Bobcats are looking for their sixth coach in their short eight-year history, Michael Jordan and the rest of the team's front office are looking to get it right this time.

Charlotte has only appeared in the playoffs once in their history, but Alvin Gentry may just be the person to get them back there.

There have only been two coaches to interview for the position—next will be Gentry, who will interview on Thursday. The other candidates to interview so far are Nate Tibbetts, who is currently an assistant for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Houston Rockets assistant Kelvin Sampson. 

For one, Gentry brings some experience to the otherwise young roster for the Bobcats. Gentry, 35, has coached in the NBA for a total of 12 seasons for 12 years, most recently for the Phoenix Suns.

Most fans will say the detractor for Gentry is his past experience. Outside of two trips to the playoffs, Gentry doesn't have much experience in the postseason. 

However, he did make it to the Western Conference Finals in 2010 with the Suns. His run with the Suns eventually came to an end this year after going 13-28 before he was fired.

Despite that, Gentry is honestly one of the best, and most feasible, candidates for the Bobcats to land. There will always be fans who call for a pickup such as one of the Van Gundy brothers or Phil Jackson, but they aren't the most realistic picks for a team that has struggled recently like the Bobcats.

At this point, Gentry looks like the most feasible option, and he has a great shot at leading Charlotte back to the playoffs.

He has experience coaching more experienced players on the Suns, which he could apply to the Bobcats. Right now, Kemba Walker is Charlotte's best player at point guard. 

Perhaps he could use his experience coaching Steve Nash to help Walker grow. And at 23, Walker certainly has a lot of time to improve his game. 

The main difference between Nash and Walker is that Nash is more of an assist man, whereas Walker has been more focused on scoring lately, averaging 17 points per game and only five assists. 

Gentry could come in and encourage Walker to spread the ball around more to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Gerald Henderson.

As previously mentioned, Gentry also brings experience to this Bobcats team that is very young. The average age of their starting five is 22.6, and bringing in a coach that has no head coaching experience in the NBA such as Sampson would only hold back the team from growing. 

Charlotte already tried that with Mike Dunlap this year, only to see him go 21-61. 

Perhaps what Gentry is most experienced in is dealing with inexperience. 

During the 2001-02 season, Gentry's best with the Los Angeles Clippers, he had Elton Brand as his leading scorer. Brand was 23 at the time.

Gentry also had Quentin Richardson starting at small forward, who was 22 during that season. 

When interviewed by the Charlotte Observer, Gentry said his Clippers teams remind him of the current Bobcats roster.

“It reminds me a little bit of the teams I had in L.A.," he said to the Observer. "Young players, very energetic guys,' Gentry said. 'Kemba (Walker) and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist have a lot of potential and (Gerald) Henderson has started to really establish himself as a pro."

Charlotte certainly isn't ready to contend for an NBA title right away. They need to grow for many years.

Therefore, the Bobcats don't need an X's and O's guy, but they do need a good eye for talent, which is exactly what Gentry can do best.

His win-loss record isn't that impressive, but it could certainly improve over time, along with the rest of the Bobcats.