LSU Football: Ranking the 5 Best Offensive Weapons for the Tigers

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIMay 17, 2013

LSU Football: Ranking the 5 Best Offensive Weapons for the Tigers

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    Zach Mettenberger is the Tigers' most important offensive element, but he's not the Tigers' greatest offensive threat.

    Who is? Had this article been written a month ago, Jeremy Hill would have easily been the Tigers' top-ranked offensive weapon.

    After his indefinite suspension with the Tigers, it's time to start looking at the Tigers' top offensive producers in his absence. You know, just in case he doesn't make his way back onto the field by September.

    With that being said, who are the Tigers' best offensive players besides Hill? Don't be shy and take a peak inside.

5. Kenny Hilliard

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    Give LSU fans the old Kenny Hilliard. They need him now more than ever.

    You'd be a fool to count Hill out of the season because of what we've seen with Jordan Jefferson in the past, but having said that, Hilliard and Alfred Blue are going to have to carry the Tigers early in the season.

    So let's hope Hilliard plays like he did in the second half of his freshman year, when he was dominant with 300 yards and eight rushing touchdowns. Unfortunately, his stats in the second half of last year fail to compare.

    Hilliard slimmed down this spring, and if he enters fall camp in prime shape, it's likely he'll return to that same dominant 2011 form.

4. Zach Mettenberger

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    The tools are there. Will Mettenberger piece them together? We'll see.

    When Mettenberger's on point, he can shred any defense in the country. Not convinced? Go on and ask Nick Saban and Alabama if that's the case.

    Mettenberger completing 69 percent of his passes and throwing for 298 yards against the Crimson Tide after completing 38 percent of his passes for 97 yards against Texas A&M makes you want to scratch your head. Come on, is this guy serious?

    Because of his inconsistency, he's far from being the Tigers' superstar on offense. However, if he has more games like he did against Alabama in 2013, the SEC better watch out.

3. Alfred Blue

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    You're my boy, Blue.

    Will Alfred Blue get back to the way he was before he suffered his knee injury last year?

    Leg injuries are hard to overcome for running backs. Just ask Knile Davis, who rushed for just 377 yards and two touchdowns last year after his season-ending injury in 2011.

    Let's hope Blue recovers better than Davis. More importantly, let's hope Blue looks like the same running back who averaged 6.8 rushing yards per attempt before getting injured. If he's fully healthy, Blue is more than capable of carrying LSU to victory.

2. Odell Beckham

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    Odell Beckham is LSU's most explosive offensive tool.

    If Beckham breaks loose, he can cut on a dime, make a defender miss and accelerate into the end zone. He's simply that gifted, and that's why he led the team in average yards per catch last season with 16.6.

    But is he the Tigers' best receiver? That's hard to proclaim when you see Beckham drop catchable balls. Still, he's the Tigers' best home-run threat, and the spring game proved that.

    Beckham garnered 202 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the White vs. Purple game. The chemistry between Beckham and Mettenberger seems to be growing, so Tigers fans should expect more connections on deep attempts to OD3.

1. Jarvis Landry

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    Jarvis Landry has it all. He has the athleticism, great catching ability and, most of all, the swagger.

    This is what separates him from everyone else on this offense. Take the Alabama game last year, for instance. Before the Tigers played the Crimson Tide, they were but a shell of their 2011 selves.

    No Honey Badger, no swagger. The team lacked that sense of excitement and confidence or borderline cockiness. That all changed during the Alabama game with Landry leading the way. After Landry would make a first-down catch, he would jump up, nod his head and look at the defenders with a fierce, competitive stare.

    He gave the Tigers the mojo they needed on offense and provided some of the greatest catches you'll ever see. Because of his abilities and fearless mentality on the field, Landry is by far the Tigers' greatest offensive weapon.