Congratulations Dwyane Wade, You're the NBA's Worst-Dressed Star

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

Dwyane Wade has had quite the playoffs so far, grabbing the attention of bloggers everywhere and making a statement that he is second to none. Wade is the only choice for the NBA's worst-dressed star.

On the court he's been nothing short of disappointing. Wade is averaging just 12.3 points on 43.9 percent shooting, his lack of production a huge surprise thus far.

However, he's bringing it every single day in the "fashion" department.

Even just a few years back he was considered by many to be one of the best-dressed athletes in the world. Now he seems to be restricted to raiding his grandma's closet and wearing her Sunday best to postgame press conferences.

At best, Wade has looked like a guy who would seem slightly out of place in a meeting of Southern dandies from the 1920s. At worst, he's missing the paper fan and big floppy hat that would normally accompany his grandma's church clothes.

Whether he's doing his best to mess with us or he's being completely serious with this year's ridiculous playoff garb, it has become a source of constant entertainment.

His suit before Miami's Game 4 walloping of the Chicago Bulls is the perfect example of what he's been wearing to games so far this postseason.

At first, from afar, he seems to be wearing a perfectly normal, suave-looking double-breasted suit.

Then you notice that the pants are a tad short. Woah, they're way too tight as well.

Finally comes the realization—yep, that thing's polka-dotted.

Thankfully the guys on TNT's Inside the NBA don't let him off the hook. Not only do they give him a nice ribbing, but Charles Barkley declares that the Miami Heat are the worst-dressed team in the NBA.

Of course, this outfit only scratches the surface of what he's thrown down in the past month.

My personal favorite is the casual blazer that he threw on top of a ridiculous scoop-necked shirt in order to show off his bulging collarbones after the Heat lost the first game of their second-round series to the Bulls.

He had to keep the theme going after Game 2 of that same series, breaking out a rose-covered (not rose-colored, mind you) jacket for the postgame press conference.

Tonight @dwyanewade wore a #Versace jacket and shirt to the podium. Hot or not? @nbaontnt, @darrenrovell #nbastyle…

— Megan Ann Wilson (@shegotgame) May 9, 2013

What could be left in his arsenal for the rest of the playoffs?

If I had to lay down a bet, I'd say he's got some lederhosen stashed away for the Eastern Conference Finals, and then the coup de grace will be the bear coat from Workaholics for the first game of the NBA Finals.

Of course, it would probably be best for the Heat if he were to go ahead and break out of this slump on the court, rather than finding different outfits that make him look like an old lady for every press conference.