The Err Up Here: Toronto Blue Jays Opening Night

Mel ToliaoCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2016

So I hit Opening Night at the Ted with a couple of friends. We had our 08 Jays Season Pass and on our way in they gave us all stylish Jays Rally Towels. Due to traffic in Toronto, we were unable to watch Robbie Alomar be inducted to the level of excellence, but didn't miss a pitch (due to absence at least... more on this later)

I just thought I'd throw out a couple of thoughts and sights from opening night

Best Sign: Some guys had a "Catch Da Taste" sign in honor of Robbie Alomar. Good times

Best Shirts: The group of university students with the "I (heart) BJ's" shirts in powder blue.

Best Jerseys: Yes it was Flashback Friday and the Jays were in their powder blues, but the best ones I saw that night were the guys who had the dark blue Jays Jerseys from the mid 90's. They looked liked the same same ones they wore during the championship days, but were on dark blue. Also in the stands were Olerud, Steib and Fielder jerseys, but best of all was the fellow in the Manuel Lee jersey.

My legs are killing me!: Since we have Jays seasons passes and the game was 'sold out' we were admitted to the dome with a General Admission seat. So we got to sit down until people realized we were taking their seats. It's not like this doesn't happen anytime you sneak down to get better seats, but the problem is, it rarely happens in the 500 level. We started the game at section 534, worked are way down to 533 by the 5th inning and spent most of the game cheering from the entrance way.

Crime Dog: This was my nickname for the night because I was wearing my vintage circa 1990 Fred McGriff jersey to the game. The amount of compliments I got was sheerly astounding.

Greatest comeback for Red Sox fans: There was a group of about 5 female Sox fans sitting near where we were standing. The other fans were giving them the business and the Sox fans kept referring to the fact that they won the Series last year. I came up with this Gem: In the past 90 years, the Red Sox and the Jays have both won 2 Championships... and the Sox and a 75 year head start!"

Deepest Thought: This came while observing Wakefield's 74 mph fastball and 69 mph knuckle. "I think if I got hit with a 74 mph pitch, I could take it. I mean, if I got it in the arm or shoulder, I don't think I'd fall over from the pain."

Go Jays Go: The crowd was electric up in the nose bleeds.  Sure they spent most of their time cheering a beach ball and booing people who lost the beach ball to lower decks, but for the most part they cheered and booed when they were supposed to.  A fight broke out, but as I've been researching, this seems to happen at almost every home opener for the Jays, so that's par for the course.  The reports of 'gangs' and people 'afraid for their lives' after the game were greatly overstated. 

All in all, it was a good night. There were enthusiastic fans, free rally towels, a couple of streakers and the Jays first home win of the season.