San Francisco Giants: Even After an Ugly Week, There's Still Hope

Timothy BakerCorrespondent IApril 6, 2008

After a 1-4 week, I still think the Giants are going to be OK.

Two of the losses were ugly - Opening Day's 5-0 loss to the Dodgers and Friday night's 13-4 blow out loss to Milwaukee. 

Zito sucked to open the season, but he's a quality pitcher who can and will pitch better.  I was more surprised at the shellings Sanchez and Hennesseytook this week.  It's early, I know, but I thought these two guys would do better than that.  Hennessey's ERA is a laughable 37.8!  The hitters are simply ahead of the pitchers right now.  This will reverse as the season grinds on.

The other two losses could've gone either way, both were one run defeats.  Unfortunately, continuing a trend from last year where the Giants couldn't buy a win in a close game.  Who is going to step up with the clutch hit?

Which brings me back to my position about what it's going to take for the Giants to be competitive.  It's time for the Giants to recognize their young talent and let them develop.  I think it's the younger players, with their fearless approach to the game, which will drive competitiveness.

I was disappointed Fred Lewis and Danny Ortmeier didn't receive more playing time this week.  These guys need to be in the lineup every day, along with speedster Eugenio Velez. Raj Davis looks awful at the plate, so I'm fine with him on the bench.  I believe he's a very valuable bench player.

Cain and Lincecum pitched as expected.  Cain dominated the Dodgers, but once again wasn't supported with any runs.  I really like these 2 guys and expect break out years from both.  And Lincecum was unhittable in relief.  Despite giving up 4 runs and losing the ball game yesterday, Correia pitched well too.

With the home opener on Monday, the confines of AT&T should help.  It's still too early to say the Giants suck.  There's talent on this ball club.  They just need to be given a chance to play.