Welcome to the Spotlight, Randy Orton

Jared FarverCorrespondent IApril 28, 2009

Quite a few members of the B/R community have written articles about the "PG" era we are experiencing now in pro wrestling, and many others have expressed their thoughts through comments on these articles.

I'm pretty sure that all WWE fans have been wanting more out of wrestling. Most fans aren't sure what exactly they want from the association, but know they want a change.

Many fans couldn't wait for Randy Orton to dethrone Triple H in this recent feud. Triple H, along with John Cena, has ruled the WWE Universe in this "PG" era. I believe most fans (though admittedly not all) were ready for a change at the top. It just seemed time for a fresh face to rule the WWE.

All of these problems were solved this past Sunday at Backlash.


People will look back at Backlash and say that's when the "Orton Era" began, I believe the foundation was set on January 19. That was the day Randy Orton punted the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon, in the head.

I'm not saying the WWE will no longer be PG-rated, but I believe a fresh and exciting era is about to begin, and Orton will have the reins. He has been the World Heavyweight Champion once and the WWE Champion three times now, but he wasn't thought of as "The Guy" until Backlash.

When Orton held his belts, you knew it wasn't going to be a real long time until Triple H took the title off of Orton.

But now, Randy Orton is the top WWE superstar. He's a great wrestler, and he plays the role of a bad guy excellently.

He is the top heel in the WWE today and the man everyone loves to hate; what he will do next is anyone's guess.


Orton has built a good group around him with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. If these guys stay on course, they could be one of the most dominate factions ever (though they might need one additional member to ascend to that kind of greatness).

If Randy Orton is used the right way, he could be one of the best wrestlers of all time, and that is saying something. His gimmick of being an uncontrollable, sadistic, gold-hungry bad ass is great and believable.

It's possible that his tremendous popularity could grow even more.


I hope in this new "Era of Orton," the WWE can get him some new opponents. It seems like the only men Orton wrestles are Triple H and Batista. Although he has had stints with legends and other wrestlers, Orton always comes back to feud with his former Evolution running mates.

I was excited to see MVP come out and interrupt Orton on Raw, and he and MVP were having a good match until Shane McMahon came out and went ballistic.

Orton can feud with anyone on the WWE roster. They could pit him with a legend or someone on the rise, and that gives him a better chance to be on the top for a while. He could be the bridge for younger guys to reach Main Event status like MVP.


Orton will bring us a new age, and I believe he'll do it wonderfully. The WWE has put a lot of weight on his shoulders, but I hope they continue to allow him to be "The Guy".

Let's hope the man stays for a while and helps others rise through the ranks to become great wrestlers.