WWE Extreme Rules 2013: A Very Big Night for the Company and the Shield

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 15, 2013


And so it begins.

With the announcement on Monday night that The Shield will be involved in WWE title matches this coming weekend at Extreme Rules, so begins the formulation of the greatest trio of superstars we have seen in the wrestling business since the Freebirds.

Kudos to the WWE for not messing this one up, yet.

"Team Hell No" will defend the tag titles against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, while Kofi Kingston will be defending his United States Title against Dean Ambrose. Can you say clean sweep by The Shield? There is no way this cannot happen. The company has worked so hard to build this “Unholy Trinity” up that anything else would be a letdown.

The fact that the three work so well together and in singles matches (with their buddies by their sides) proves that putting gold on them, as I have said in the past, is the right move.

With the changes also come the added push, like with The Outsiders and the nWo, to rule the WWE, which has not been a determining factor in who The Shield faces as of yet. Adding another stable mate is also a topic that has come up for discussion recently, but it should be avoided at every cost.

Three, in this case, is better than four.

By beating the best tag team in the WWE in years, The Shield will revamp the division, possibly leading to the addition of more teams (The Miz and Chris Jericho or Wade Barrett and Randy Orton could be an option) and will give other teams like Tensai and Brodus Clay a chance to excel without winning gold.

The tag team division is a mess right now, even with its additions and improvements. Hopefully, The Shield straightens that out.

The loss by "Team Hell No" also means the possible disbandment of Kane and Daniel Bryan so Bryan can chase Dolph Ziggler, and maybe Kane will take a swipe at Brock Lesnar.

Addition by subtraction---only in the WWE.

It looks like Sunday will be a huge night for at least three of the WWE’s greatest stars. It also means big changes. The company needs this. More so than The Shield, the company needs to head in a different direction. The good thing is that they can use its greatest commodity right now to get to where it wants to go.