Legacy: Randy Orton's Evolution

Eric KaneCorrespondent IApril 28, 2009

A simple formula was used back during the days of the Four Horseman; take the best talent in the business and surround him with more talent.

Evolution took advantage of wrestling pedigree, creating a "Past, Present, and Future" stable that dominated in the mid 2000's. The Legacy is a combination of the talented Horseman stable and the Evolution stable all rolled into one, bringing the idea of the heel stable into a whole new era.

At Legacy's core is Randy Orton, a four-time WWE champion who recently took the storied McMahon family through a proverbial roller coaster ride that ended with their "champion" being carted off on a stretcher to the delight of the crowd in attendance.

Orton has managed that very difficult "tweener" status that allows him to do unspeakable things to his opponents and their families only to be cheered for it. I personally think Orton is a breath of fresh air, a man who took the advice of all the successful wrestlers before him and just cranked his own personality up a few notches.

It's very evident that he's comfortable portraying the sadistic, viper-like heel and it shows through every time he's on screen.

On either side of Orton is the talented tag team of Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, third and second generation superstars respectively. I think they've established DiBiase as a step above Rhodes and I see him being pushed first, but both are very talented in the ring.

In Orton you have the top guy in the industry right now, a man who is giving Rhodes and DiBiase a lot of exposure and allowing them the ring time with the main eventers.

In DiBiase and Rhodes, you have the perfect students who, in my opinion, give Randy almost as much as they give him.

Now when I say that I'm not speaking about the numerous times they've come to Randy's aid. I'm speaking about what it adds to Randy's character to be the leader of a group like this.

It's giving Randy a push much like it did with Triple H in Evolution, but more so because Randy has more in common with Rhodes and DiBiase (the third generation star scenario).

Legacy has the star power in Orton that Evolution had with Triple H, but if it's booked right, I can see Legacy being even bigger than Evolution. It's hard to top the Four Horseman because of the tremendous established talent they had, not to mention Ric Flair was in it, but I believe Legacy is just what WWE needs right now.

Where can Legacy go from here? Hopefully into feuds with people like the Colons or MVP to start establishing Rhodes and DiBiase as legitimate contenders. Perhaps even Orton can help them win their matches, a move the leader usually doesn't make.

There was talk at one point about letting DH Smith join Legacy, but that apparently got squashed for the time being. With Smith's good in-ring work and size, I think he'll be a good addition to Legacy if indeed he joins. An "Enforcer" role much like Batista's could do wonders for his career.

Maybe with Smith, Legacy won't get the crap beat out of them one on two by Shane McMahon. Who am I kidding? It'll still happen.