Just a Few Observations from Talladega

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IApril 28, 2009

TALLADEGA, AL - APRIL 26:  Juan Pablo Montoya, driver of the #42 Tums Dual Action Chevrolet, leads the field to the green flag during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Aaron's 499 at Talladega Superspeedway on April 26, 2009 in Talladega, Alabama.  (Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Congratulations on your first cup win Mr. Keselowski, also great run Mr. Ambrose and I can't forget the great run by the Earndhardt-Ganassi boys until jerk No. 1 and jerk No. 2 decided to be wreckers.

We'll talk about the jerk thing later.

The Mr. Edwards drama was just a racing accident, I watched it last night over and over, both drivers did their jobs.

One of my favorite drivers jerk No. 1 Kyle Busch, while leading, please carrect me if I'm wrong, on lap 17  tried to block all cars from yellow line to the top wall.

You would think he was a drunk driver or  a downhill skier on a slalom run. He was swaying back and forth until Mr. Burton got tired of it and (let me say this loud and clear) PUNTED HIM, MOVED HIM OUT OF THE WAY (just my opinion).

Apparently No. 31  went to the Busch camp and said he was trying to help and draft and said he was sorry.

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It's been mostly gold lately.

Now lets talk about the No. 2 jerk, here is his quote

“It looked like I was in the middle, I had someone underneath me and Montoya was up in the third lane and he was coming down just to get a push from me, but I was already in there. It all started with me and the 42.”

I watched the replay in slow-mo a zillion times and got various opinions, the way it looked from the side angle Montoya was not moving to another lane, in the top angle replay No. 11 was trying to threat a needle.

By the way there was "NO MIDDLE LANE" until Mr. Hamlin made his own after the bump.

The only reason Montoya came down was because he had already been bumped by No. 11 and No. 42 had lost the car.

My opinion is Mr. Hamlin is doing lots of wishful thinking or he is in denial.

Gibbs Racing had lots to do with No. 1 and No. 42 turning a great top 10 for both of then , and yes! even a win for one of them into a disappointing afternoon.

I would send them a beautiful plant with an anchovie filled potting soil.