WWE Raw Results: Dolph Ziggler Steals the Show on Twitter

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 14, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

Dolph Ziggler never even stepped in the ring on Monday night, but he was the highlight of WWE Raw thanks to his work on Twitter.

An overzealous kick to the head from Jack Swagger concussed Ziggler (h/t WrestlingInc.com). The injury derailed the Extreme Rules world title match and left Ziggler out of the action on the go-home episode of WWE Raw. No worries.

Ziggler took to Twitter to become the most entertaining star of the night. The Shield, Team Hell No and John Cena put on an excellent show, but The Show-Off delivered hilarity for much of the show's three hours.

He made fun of Jericho's outfit, of how often he has wrestled Kofi Kingston and of Daniel Bryan's resemblance to a certain gnome spokesperson.

Ziggler took an amusing shot at John Cena as well.

It's actually five moves of doom, but the joke still works. It's fun to see Ziggler mix his character and wrestling fans' own jargon. Ziggler did just that when he poked fun at Sheamus, toying with the perception that Ziggler has been a cowardly heel.

His hashtags here are worth a few chuckles as well.

Ziggler spent the night owning Twitter. 

Getting kicked in the head and getting knocked out of his first pay-per-view world title defense apparently hasn't robbed him of his sense of humor. He made a reference to Swagger's kick in the following funny tweet.             

At times, WWE Raw dragged. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler mentioned the WWE App far too often. Squash matches and recaps occupied a large portion of the show.

If fans turned their attention to Twitter, they saw Ziggler entertaining without his trademark selling ability, without throwing a single dropkick or doing a mid-match pushup.

He made references to everything from Brock Lesnar reminding him of Zoolander to his own time as Nicky from The Spirit Squad.

Anyone who caught Ziggler as the host of WWE Download knows all about Ziggler's charm and comic timing. He may have also converted some new fans with his Twitter performance, maximizing that medium on Monday.

A concussion took away Ziggler's ability to wrestle for now, but it couldn't take away his show-stealing powers.