New York Mets: Revised Starting Pitching Order

Dave DoyleCorrespondent IApril 5, 2008

The rainout in Atlanta last night caused the New York Mets to revise their starting pitching order.

The new order is:

  • Sat., April 5: John Maine vs. Tim Hudson
  • Sun., April 6: Johan Santana vs. Tom Glavine
  • Tues., April 8: Jamie Moyer vs. Oliver Perez
  • Wed., April 9: Kyle Kendrick vs. Mike Pelfrey
  • Thurs., April 10: Adam Eaton vs. John Maine

After the Phillies series, the Brewers come to town next Friday. Everyone with tickets for Opening Day at Shea can breathe a sigh of relief that Oliver Perez is pitching instead of Mike Pelfrey.

I agree with the decision to skip Pelfrey’s spot and keep Santana on his regular day tomorrow, and Perez for the home opener. It would’ve been too much pressure for Pelfrey to pitch the home opener. He needs to put in the least pressurized situations so he has the best chance of pitching successfully.

The rainout game yesterday will be played on May 20 as part of a double header. I’m sure it will be a dual entry double header, as most teams do now. The good old days of buying one ticket for a double header are gone.

Picture: Turner Field

turner field
Creative Commons License photo credit: nate steiner

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