Ryback Is Not the Answer to WWE's Future

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

Ryback is not the answer to WWE’s future.

With all due respect, Ryback has made tremendous progress. He went from destroying jobbers to wrestling in main events. This monster fought CM Punk and John Cena in back-to-back main events in Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series. He got over with his “Feed Me More” chant and smash-mouth wrestling style.

Now, he’s become a heel with “Ryback Rules!” The newly minted heel attacked Cena at Raw after WrestleMania and got a title shot. He’ll do battle against Cena for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing match.

However, he isn’t WWE’s answer.

Ryback can barely cut live promos in an effective manner. He doesn’t grab the WWE Universe as they were hoping. He has a tendency to breathe heavily, and those were just the pre-taped interviews. He comes off worse live.

Another problem lies in the booking. It’s not entirely Ryback’s fault, but he does deserve some blame. Acting like a coward for his size does not make sense. It’s understandable if someone smaller a la CM Punk does it, because he doesn’t have a huge muscular build.

When Ryback backs off, it comes off as silly. He should be like Mark Henry Kane when the Big Red Monster first came up: a monster heel who destroys everything in his path. That is not Ryback.

The worst thing about Ryback’s push is the message it sends to the wrestlers in the back. Ryback beat no-name wrestlers to get to the main event. Since then, he’s lost every single pay-per-view match since Hell In A Cell. What message does that send to his fellow wrestlers?

Is it okay to beat nobodies and ascend to the main-event level? There’s no need to wrestle in the midcard division. Just beat jobbers, look dominant and you’ll get that main-event spot.

That’s a terrible message to those who worked for years in that spot but didn’t get that chance. Guys like Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro among others deserve that opportunity before Ryback. They are the future of WWE, not Ryback.

Ryback is a short-term answer to WWE’s lack of main eventers. However, their long-term answer is their underdeveloped midcard wrestlers. It’s the way they’ve always done it, and it’s better for business.